Chasing Destiny's Ashly Williams's Tragic, Inspiring Story

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Chasing Destiny's Ashly Williams's Tragic, Inspiring Story

1/5 of Kelly's new girl group has come a long way.

Published June 2, 2016

Written by Naiquan Greene

The more we find out about the girls of Chasing Destiny, the more we love them. However, we didn't know that we'd completely fall in love with Ashly, who had a stint on X-Factor while Kelly was a judge. Talk about divine intervention. 

Ashly, the soul of Kelly's new group, has been through a lot, but she always manages to remain positive. Think of her as the glue that holds the group together with the positive force she has within. That's Ashly. Not to mention that she's extremely talented. Her voice actually has a tone similar to Kelly's, too.

Below, we have a little clip of when Ashly sang her heart out on X-Factor and shared the tragic story regarding her beloved mother. Check it out. 



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