Our Baby Shyann Pays Homage to Auntie Bey

#TBT: Our Baby, Shyann Pays Homage to Auntie Beyoncé

Our Baby Shyann Pays Homage to Auntie Bey

Shyann goes on "Showtime at the Apollo" at the tender age of 10 and beasts through a Beyoncé song.

Published June 2, 2016

Written by Naiquan Greene

From the onset of Chasing Destiny, Kelly expressed her love for Shyann's voice. We're proud and happy that "the baby" made it into the final group. You can just hear how powerful her vocals are in the clip above. 

We're still super excited that the group has been formed and we've been sifting through our old videos and videos from the internets from, about and around the girls...and we found a video of Shyann from Showtime at the Apollo singing her little heart out to a Beyoncé original. The song? "Listen." The then-10-year-old's vocals? Amazing.



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