The Ladies of ‘Chasing Destiny’ Reveal the Story Behind Their Name, June’s Diary

Kelly's Girls Reveal Story Behind Their Name, June's Diary

The Ladies of ‘Chasing Destiny’ Reveal the Story Behind Their Name, June’s Diary

It’s official: You can stop referring to the ladies of "Chasing Destiny" by the title of their hit TV show.

Published June 24, 2016

Written by Iyana Robertson

On Thursday (June 23), Ashly, Brienna, Kristal, Shyann and Gabby hit BET’s Facebook Live to share the official title of their newly-formed quintet. Taking on the name June’s Diary, the group highlighted the month of June as an “influx of new things and new beginnings.” From their show’s season finale to the release of their new single, the time of year serves as a pivotal bookmark in their story.

“Even though we were put together in February, June is the month that we spiritually connected as a group,” Kristal explained. “A lot of great things happened for us in the month of June. We were just having a talk last week, that something just clicked. Something just happened between us, and we were just like ‘Wow.’”

With the hopes of etching an iconic imprint à la aptly-titled groups such as En Vogue, New Edition, The Supremes and *NSYNC, June’s Diary was the last name standing after a number of eyebrow-raising alternatives like Planet Skin, The Silhouettes and Thunder. Another name, 1310, was one the girls fell in love with. But it didn’t quite capture the heart of a certain music executive.

“When [we] came back to L.A. after the show had wrapped, we stayed in this apartment that was named 1310,” Ashly said. “And it was the first time we were all together in our own apartment, our own space, and we bonded so much. It was the first time we recorded for our EP/album, it was just a lot of firsts. But L.A. Reid didn’t like it, he said 13's unlucky. And of course we respect his opinion and [took] heed to what he was saying.”

Though led by the mentorship of Kelly Rowland, the Chasing Destiny girls were on a search for a name that rang true to their journey. So while the Destiny’s Child star would offer suggestions, choices were ruled in or out by the group’s own musings. Aiding in the search, Rowland shared the tale of the name she and Beyoncé would later carry to international fame.

“Tina picked it from the Bible,” Ashly recalled learning. “It was the name ‘Destiny’ that she saw in the Bible, and they added the ‘Child.’ I thought that was pretty kindred, just looking in the Bible and finding their name.”

And if June’s Diary reminds you of rock bands like Coldplay or Maroon 5, the moniker is also playing yet another role: timelessness. Not limited by an obvious genre or trend, the girls’ new name adds an enigmatic quality. But in the end, as Brienna wisely notes, it all comes back to the music.

“It’s all about the hits that you make. The name is made due to the songs that you put out.”

Circling back to the music, June’s Diary also released “L.A.N.C.E.,” the first single under their official name. CLICK HERE TO SPIN IT.


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