Look: A Sign We Should Expect New Music From Kelly Rowland

Look: A Sign We Should Expect New Music from Kelly Rowland

Look: A Sign We Should Expect New Music From Kelly Rowland

The singer may be dropping something any day now.

Published September 9, 2016

We met up with Kelly Rowland and La La Anthony — who surprised fans by playfully hopping aboard the McDonald’s truck to serve items from the new All Day Breakfast menu with more choices — to talk new music, June’s Diary and more.

BET: Can you just talk a little about June’s Diary and how it’s been working with them?

Kelly Rowland: Absolutely! They’re new artists and all things [are] new. Even La La came for a show and gave them some tips about interviewing skills and the way they carry themselves as ladies. I’m so happy I was able to call her as well as many others and people I trusted. They’re new artists and I really want to commend them, because they’re not afraid of the work.

When can we expect June’s Diary’s first EP? We’re hungry for it.

Very soon! Very soon! I’m actually even more excited about their EP. I don’t even know how to answer it. But, their EP is so dope, so I’m so excited for them.

Will June’s Diary perform any unreleased songs on their tour?

They do! I’ll keep it at that. That’s their news to share. [smiles]

Can we expect new music from Kelly?

Yes [you can]. [Looks at La La] We were just talking about that. I was listening to Chance the Rapper and Young M.A, and she was going HAM at her concert and I’m like, “Who is this?” So yeah that’s it.

(Photo: Jasen Hudson)

Has being Titan’s mom helped you to take other children under your wing? (i.e. June’s Diary)

A little bit, but I’m not their mother. I’m more like a sister than a mother. I’m just Titan’s mommy.

La La: She’s got a kid. She’s got one kid.

Written by Candice Grevious and Naiquan Greene


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