3 Good Notes, You're Out!

Chasing Destiny Episode 5 Recap

3 Good Notes, You're Out!

Kelly cuts some more girls.

Published May 3, 2016

Written by Sowmya Krishnamurthy

After last week’s cuts, we are down to the top 13 on Chasing Destiny — but the chopping isn’t over. Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson Jr. still have to eliminate singers to get to the overall final group. “We still gotta bring it down to four or five,” says Kelly.

*Episode spoilers to follow*

It’s back to the dance studio with Usher’s choreographer, Todd Sams, showing our girls some hip-hop footwork. Todd is the real deal. Aside from Mr. Raymond, he’s also worked with Chris Brown and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, so the girls better be ready to show out. After watching the girls go through the routine, Frank hits up Kelly (who’s traveling) on her bat phone. He isn’t feeling Mayah, one of my favs, because she moves like she’s a senior citizen. “She feels like an old woman,” he says. It’s kind of true. Speaking of awkward movement, my adorkable Gabby looks mad awkward doing Usher Raymond moves, as does the resident terrible dancer Khylah. Let’s just say, Khylah’s go-to is a very not sexy twerk. “I don’t think Khylah is a group member,” says Kelly. Frank isn’t so convinced; he thinks that Khylah can be taught to dance. I’m not so sure about that, Frank. Rhythm comes from your soul. Either you got it or you don’t.

Shyann killed the dancing, which got a side-eye from Brienna. Now is not the time for hating!

The next day, Kelly and Frank get together to discuss the two cuts that have to be made. “We’re cutting people because they’re not ready yet,” says Kelly. The bottom two are Johari and Jamie. I’m a little disappointed to see Jamie a.k.a. my baby JLo go, but the competition is fierce and they’re the weakest of the bunch. “It’s hard not to get invested…in these ladies,” says Kelly. “To be so close, is hard,” says Jamie. “It’s a sucky feeling.”

We’re down to 11 girls. While Todd is going over the routine again, Frank tells Kelly that he heard through the grapevine that Shyann has issues with Khylah and doesn’t want to be her roommate. “You must compromise,” says Kelly. Kelly clearly knows a thing or two about difficult group members. "I wanna nip it in the bud now,” she says and talks to the show’s producers to see what’s up. Can we just pause for a second? Future singers: Please do not be hard to work with. No one in the music industry wants to bend over backwards just to deal with you. OK, back to our programming.

Khylah says that Shyann is a neat freak and her messiness is affecting her. Kelly and Frank aren’t having it. Plus, fans don’t want to support girl groups with mean or annoying members. Amen. That’s why groups like DC3 and TLC worked so well.  “This can’t f**k up,” says Kelly. “And I’m not going to.” Frank takes Shyann and Khylah for a drive, which becomes an intervention. When asked, Shyann glosses over the issues at first and then digs in. She points to Khylah’s coarseness when dealing with people, which annoys Khylah. In the other van, Candace also throws Khylah under the bus as hard to work with. “I don’t wanna fight,” she says, “but [the issues] start building up.” With all of the evidence stacked up, Kelly and Frank know it’s time to let someone go. It looks like it’s Khylah B’s time to pack her bags — but wait…it’s Jennifer?! PLOT TWIST!

Jennifer is let go and I’m so sad. Her solo vocals were amazing last week and her energy seems so positive. Like Kelly says, cuts don’t have to do with talent necessarily. Sometimes a singer just doesn’t fit in this particular group and that’s why Jennifer has to go. Before I can shed my tears over Jennifer, Kelly pulls out another twist and asks her if she can build another group around Jennifer? What the what? “We love your talent,” says Frank. “Let’s make it be the right way.” Kelly says that she’ll be working on this second girl group, which I’m guessing will be more pop or even country to fit Jennifer’s vibe. “I’m so thankful,” says Jennifer. “I’m so excited.” Stay tuned to see more from Jennifer, hopefully very soon.

The rest of the girls get to vocal training with coach Stevie Mackey, who’s like the cutest guy in the entire world. After warming up together, the girls show off their individual voices. Kristal, one of the strongest vocalists from last week, surprisingly cracks under pressure. Stevie tells her to connect with her music and not focus so much on being perfect. “I feel a little bit of pressure,” she tells Kelly later about striving for perfection. “Ain’t nobody in that room perfect,” Kelly responds. “You deserve to be here. Sing like there ain’t nobody listening.”

Back in the room, Khylah B shows off her vocal acrobatics. Even Stevie is floored. My favorite Ashly takes the mic and turns the 30 seconds into a concert. Her voice is so crazy. That point about singing emotionally? Yeah, Ashly does that like breathing. What’s so interesting is how diverse the girls’ choices are. Gabby does Frank Sinatra while Candace takes on Lalah Hathaway’s “I’m Coming Back.” “I’m hearing soloists and I’m hearing group members but you have to be both to be a group,” says Stevie.


Kelly and Stevie go over the group to decide on the next round of cuts. “Gabby’s special,” he says. He also likes Candace and Khylah as soloists but doesn’t feel they can blend with others. After much mulling, Stevie gives his top picks. Personally, I’d love to see Gabby, Alyxx and Ashly stay. The rest, I’m so conflicted. Every week, I switch up my finalists. “This was harder than I expected,” Stevie echoes. He feels confident that once the group is put together, it’ll be something special, and says, “This group is gonna be ridiculous. Kelly, these girls are amazing.”

Who do you think Kelly, Frank and Stevie want to keep?

Who do you think about the Final 15? Who should stay and who should go? Make sure to watch Chasing Destiny every Tuesday at 10P/9C and come back to read next week’s episode recap! Sound off in the comments below or tweet me (@SowmyaK) using #ChasingDestinyBET!


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