Is Your Top Five Going to Make the Chasing Destiny Group?

We're Ready to Reveal the Group!

Is Your Top Five Going to Make the Chasing Destiny Group?

Fingers crossed.

Published May 11, 2016

The cuts keep coming this week as we get closer and closer to our final group on Chasing Destiny. Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson Jr. join vocal coach Stevie Mackey to make yet another round of cuts. “This has been such a long process,” says Kelly. “This process [is] a wild ride.”

*Episode spoilers to follow*

Written by Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Kelly, Frank and Stevie get together and start talking about which two need to leave immediately. “We’re overwhelmed,” says Frank. There’s 10 girls and they want to get down to eight. Ashly and Mayah are vocal favorites, as is Gabby. Khylah isn’t a great dancer but Stevie says it would be a mistake to send her home. “You have to let people in. She sings defensively,” says Stevie. They agree that Shyann is young but she can really bust a move. Frank thinks Brienna is “cornball” when she dances. Stevie thinks Alyxx a.k.a. Baby Bey has solo potential. “It’s bittersweet,” says Kelly about the cutting process.

After much deliberation, it looks like Alyxx will be the first to get the boot. She breaks down in tears and explains that after being let down in her career so many times, she’s been holding back. Instead of cutting her, Kelly makes Alyxx a deal that she can stay if she promises to come out of her shell. “I need you to really get it together,” she says. Next, they bring in Gabby. “I’m not at my full potential yet. I have things to work on,” she says. “You are not going home. You gotta work on dancing,” says Kelly. It’s clear that this “cut” is more feedback for each girl. Even before her critique, Ashly is ahead of the game. She’s reached out to choreographers to help her with her weak dancing. “I gotta be strategic,” she says. You can’t be mad at her hustle.

Skye comes in and it’s time for Kelly to let her go. It isn’t an easy decision and you can see Kelly really struggling to maintain professionalism while being sensitive to each girl. “This is probably going to be the hardest thing I have to do today, but I made the decision to…,” says Kelly. It’s hard for her to even complete the thought but she finally drops the ax. Skye is crushed. “I’ve had dreams of seeing myself on stage with this group,” says Skye, amid tears. “This experience means more to me than you’ll ever know.” Bummer. Skye was one of my favorites since the audition process and it sucks to see her go. Seeing Skye’s emotion and heart, Kelly and Frank begin to second-guess their decision. This may not be the last we see of miss Skye. Khylah B is next. Stevie Mackey applauds her star quality. “You’re very special,” he says. Khylah’s her own worst enemy. She needs to truly embrace her own star quality if she’s going to become a star. Finally, we see that the second cut is Candace. The judges explain to her that she needs to refine her skills but she has the potential to be a star one day. “Do you know how many times me and [Destiny’s Child] were dropped from labels?” asks Kelly. “I feel this is a time for growth.” “You’re gonna be alright,” assures Frank. “Good people win.” This is probably the nicest cut in the history of music auditions.

The judges are still vexed about what to do with Skye. Kelly reveals that she had a dream about her — which could be a weird cosmic coincidence — and just feels that there’s something special there. “I don’t know. Ughhh!” says Kelly. “I just want whatever meant in my life to happen,” says Skye. They keep discussing and finally decide to bring her back. Whoa! Plot twist. “We’re gonna have you stay,” says Kelly. “The fact that you think like a group, that’s the beauty of you.” Skye’s good attitude literally gave her a second life. Phew!

Before we can even take in what just happened, the girls are back in the dance studio. It’s pretty fun watching Frank show the girls ballet moves. Demi and up! Plie!

The next day, Kelly says that she’s ready to announce the group NOW. Frank and Kelly sit down for the final deliberation. “For me, this is all about timing. We’ve gone through everything. I know. It’s just time to do it,” she says about making that last and final decision. “We have to make a group. The girls have no idea what’s about to happen.”

It’s so hard to pick just five girls from this talented pool. Based on vocals, dancing ability and overall X-factor, my final five: Mayah, Kristal, Ashly, Alyxx and Skye.

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