Let's Just Get Started Right Now

Chasing Destiny, Ep 109 (Photo: BET)

Kelly Makes Sure Her Girls Are CrossFit

Kelly Rowland is on a mission to make sure her girls are vocally and physically fit.

Published June 1, 2016

Written by By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Still tired from last week’s grueling workout? On the last episode of Chasing Destiny, the girls got a real taste of the physical toll of being a superstar. Wipe the sweat off, ladies. It’s only just beginning…

*Episode spoilers to follow*

Kelly keeps the training gauntlet going by getting the girls into the recording studio with voice producer Lonny Bereal (whose resume includes “everybody,” including Tank and Jamie Foxx). “Let’s just get started right now,” Kelly says. The girls are going to take on “Alright,” which Kelly recorded for her last album. “We want you to hear it and make it ya’ll’s record,” Lonny says. Yeah, noooo pressure. The girls are feeling it. “It’s a hot, hot song,” says Brienna. “Now we have a record. It’s just powerful.”

The girls start dividing up the song based on vocal strength and style. “We’re learning each other,” says Shyann. Gabby is visibly nervous. She just survived being on the chopping block after her YouTube kissing scandal and she knows she has to deliver. “I’ve never been in a recording studio,” she admits. “I get so nervous that I shake. It’s a hot mess.”

Lonny is a stickler for perfection. He pushes the girls — even strong singers like Ashly — to go outside of their comfort zone. It’s time for Gabby to lose her studio virginity. She’s so nervous. She doesn’t even know how to put her headphones on or how to perform. It’s awkward to watch, especially as the other girls are more experienced. Kelly is watching and has to think about Gabby’s learning curve. The girls can’t spend time on the basics. “Time is of the essence and there’s no time to waste,” says Kelly. “It’s too simple for us to be spending this much time,” says Lonny. Shyann tries to help Gabby but it’s taking too long. Gabby gets cut and replaced by Shyann (who kills it). Time is money, Gabby. In a real studio, no one is gonna hold your hand.

Gabby is heated that she’s been replaced and she calls her dad and whines about it. Is it just me or has Gabby’s quirky side turned into a bad attitude? She should be taking notes, not crying a river. Eventually, Gabby produces something that Lonny is happy with. They take a listen of the rough cut and Kelly is happy. “It’s exciting hearing their first pass at the song,” she says. Kelly leaves the studio open in case any of the girls has a moment of inspiration. “I can’t hold their hand every step of the way.”

While Kelly is working on another project, the girls are feeling the fatigue. They collectively decide they need a day to refresh and recharge. “We need time to recover,” explains Kristal. “Everybody kind of agreed.” Not so fast. Brienna and Gabby forget the R&R pact and go to the studio without the other girls. “I just love to practice and go the extra mile,” says Brienna. Ashly, Kristal and Shyann are doing laundry and pissed off. “I felt very betrayed and stepped on,” says Kristal. Can you feel the cliques already forming?

Back at the house, the Laundry Crew confronts the Studio Crew. The Laundry Crew feels that Brienna is acting like the crew’s leader without being elected. “We gotta make sure we really stick together,” says Kristal. As someone who’s been in a failed girl group, she wants unity. “We’re not here for drama,” says Gabby. Brienna says that she’s driven and she’s not trying to be a solo star. “Going [to the studio] is not the issue,” says Kristal. “I don’t want us to be damaged by little s**t." There’s no ME in group. The girls eventually kiss and makeup.

Good timing. It’s photo shoot day and the girls need to be in a happy place. Everyone looks hot. It’s kind of insane that just 30 days ago, these girls were plucked from obscurity and now, they look like a real girl group. Of everyone, Gabby looks unrecognizable. The tomboy has transformed into an edgy, blue-haired babe. “Ya’ll look gorgeous,” says Kelly.

After the shoot, Kelly and the girls sit with La La Anthony to talk media training. It’s one thing to look good, but they need to sound good when they speak, too. La La started her career in radio and has interviewed celebrities, including a young Destiny’s Child. La dives right in and asks about Gabby’s naughty video. Gabby is remorseful and the girls say they have her back. “From this moment on, those kind of mistakes can’t happen,” advises La. She also tells the girls that media and haters will pit the girls against each other. “All eyes are on you girls.” It’s true. Nothing ever dies on the internet and anything the girls have done (or will do) is fair game for anyone to tear into to like a juicy steak.

Back at the studio, the girls keep plugging and chugging. There’s definite progress, but before they can get too comfy, Kelly drops a huge bomb. In four days, the girls are going to perform for Epic Records and label head L.A. Reid. This is IT. This record label will be home to the new girl group and L.A.’s blessing is the final piece of this entire process.

Can the girls get it together and break a leg in four days? Stay tuned next week for the season finale of Chasing Destiny.



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