The 'Home Team'

DeSean Jackson home team Press photo
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DeSean Jackson

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He's the star of the show. He's also a Los Angeles native and wide receiver for the Washington Redskins. He's had a few bumps in his career and is now looking to get everything in order — and who better to help him than his favorite teammates...his family!

Kayla Phillips

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DeSean's pregnant girlfriend helps keep him grounded and optimistic. He respects and admires her strength and sees her as the one who provides balance.

Gayle Jackson

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Also known as the mom-ager, she is DeSean's heart. She oversees his foundation and is determined to keep him on a noble path.

Byron Jackson

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DeSean's older brother and mentor, he used to play football as well. Like any older brother, he has DeSean's best interests at heart and is constantly looking out for the family since he's the man of the house.

A'Dreea Jackson

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She's DeSean's sister and also oversees his finances. Her goal is to make sure DeSean doesn't overspend. Given the man's taste in cars, this is a lot of more difficult than it sounds.

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