In the midst of the social and political turmoil in America, BET is calling all rappers, singers and poets from across the globe to submit a video showcasing their talent over a Nascent beat. The challenge is to address what’s wrong, how things can change, your personal connection to the current political and social issues or your hopes for the future.

Check out rapper Dee-1’s video below to see exactly how it’s done.

Upload your video between Thursday, September 21 - Tuesday, November 1 and it could be chosen by BET to be featured in the BET.com #WokeChallenge mash-up.



Step 1: Right click and save to download the beat.

Step 2: Upload a video of yourself freestyling over the Nascent beat above by Monday, September 3 and post it on Instagram or Twitter tagging @BET, using the hashtag #WokeChallenge.

Step 3: Check back on BET.com to see if we’ve posted your video below.


By submitting your video, you hereby agree to the terms of BET.com’s Submission Agreement, available here. BET is under no obligation to use your video.