The Playlist | The Best Hip-Hop & R&B Jams Of All Time

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The Playlist | The Best Hip-Hop & R&B Jams Of All Time

Check out our list of the best hip-hop and r&b jams of all time!

Published October 2, 2017

  1. K-Ci & JOJO – 'All My Life'

    If we're talking about the best hip-hop/ R&B jams of all time, we have to start off this playlist with K-Ci & JoJo's "All My Life" record. This song is an all-time favorite that will get you in the mood to love and be loved!

  2. The Notorious B.I.G. – 'Juicy'

    If hip-hop was a movie, "Juicy" would be it's anthem. "Juicy" by The Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls is one record that truly embodies hip-hop. It's also a record that everyone loves when it comes on but barely can rap all of the bars to. This song is notorious for stumping people after the lines "It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine/Salt-N-Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine." Most of the time after that you might find the occasional true Biggie fans still spitting bar for bar or you'll see the majority of the crowd just rocking out enjoying the song. Whether you're the former or latter, you can agree this song is still one of the hottest hip-hop records ever made.

  3. Tupac – 'Keep Ya Head Up'

    Tupac was one of the realest rappers of all time, so it's of no surprise he's made our list. His raps are always filled with a mix of hard bars and conscious lyrics. He has many amazing jams, but for this list we're featuring his classic "Keep Ya Head Up." It's a legendary song by a legendary artist!

  4. Avant – 'Read Your Mind'

    Yes, we read your mind: you're loving the list so far! Great, because it's just getting started. Avant is another R&B singer whose records are some great jams. "Read Your Mind" is a slow melody that makes you want to read your lover's mind.

  5. Puff Daddy Featuring The Notorious B.I.G, The Lox And Lil' Kim – 'All About The Benjamins'

    It's all about the Benjamins, baby! This Bad Boy song is definitely a top hit among hits! The record "All About the Benjamins" from Puff Daddy featuring the LOX, Lil' Kim and The Notorious B.I.G, helped put the LOX on the map! Each rapper spit the hottest bars on this track. "All About the Benjamins" is definitely one of the best hip-hop jams of all time!

  6. Brian McKnight – 'Back At One'

    If you've never heard this song, we advise you to grab your Kleenex and have it handy! "Back At One" by Brian McKnight is one of his most notable songs to date. If you're looking for a wedding song, this is it! McKnight's lyrics combined with his voice elicit a perfect blend of love and admiration. This song is definitely one for the books!

  7. Nas – 'Made You Look'

    One of the hardest hip-hop records ever is "Made You Look" by the legendary Nas. Nas has many songs that could have made this list but "Made You Look" is one of the best jams of all time! This song and Nas' "N.Y. State of Mind" record could be considered New York's anthems. Nas reps New York to the fullest and his tracks prove he's one of the best in the game.

  8. Boyz II Men – 'End Of The Road'

    Boyz II Men knows how to deliver! In their prime, Boyz II Men created hit after hit. One of their major hits is "End Of The Road." This R&B jam was released in 1992 and stayed No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts for 13 weeks straight! The group broke records with the success of the song. Another song we can't forget to mention is their infamous "I'll Make Love To You." Both tracks helped to catapult their career and win the hearts of R&B lovers, ours included!

  9. Kanye West - 'No Church In the Wild'

    Almost everything Kanye touches turns to gold. It's hard to pinpoint one record of his as the best jam of all time because a lot of them can make the cut. West is a creative genius and it shows through the music he produces. Each song has a way of grasping you to the point where you're fully engaged. Here, we're featuring "No Church In the Wild" by Kanye and Jay-Z from their collaborative album Watch the Throne.

  10. New Edition – 'Can You Stand The Rain'

    Wow, we're at the end of the playlist! We couldn't end it without one of the best R&B jams ever! "Can You Stand the Rain" by legendary group New Edition is and forever will be a hit! If New Edition wasn't already seen as icons, this song confirmed their spot as R&B kings upon its release. Take a listen and see why this is one of the best jams ever!

Written by Essie Acolatse

(Photo: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images for Hennessy)


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