Put Some Respect On Their Names!

Put Some Respect On Their Names!

These rappers have been consistent with their artistry and deserve more recognition for their work!

Published October 18, 2018

There are many popular rappers who get due respect for their work, and then there are popular rappers who deserve way more shine than they receive. These rappers below have proved time and time again that their names should be engraved in lists with the big dogs. Take a look at our list below. Who would you include?

  1. Big Sean
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    Big Sean, "The Don," is one of the best rappers in our generation but seems to not get as much shine as other rappers. His wordplay, punchlines and double-entendres make his raps unforgettable. Big Sean is a phenomenal lyricist with great articulation. He knows how to paint a picture with relatable subjects. Rap legend Lil Wayne has even called the artist underrated. In his verse on Big Sean's "Deep," Wayne rhymes:

    "I feel like Sean don’t get enough shine. Is it because he ain’t got the tattoos? He ain’t throwing up signs?"

  2. Wale
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    The poet. Wale's music has a way of grasping you in while delivering melodic tones with poetic lyrics. He is one of the most underrated artists out now. His music is deeper than the lyrics you hear, and his songs are crafted as artwork.

  3. Takeoff
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    The Migos' member that was NOT left off "Bad And Boujee." Takeoff is arguably the best rapper in the popular group Migos. Paying attention to lyrics and delivery, Takeoff's bars are usually the best out of most songs. Though Quavo is pinned as the leader of the group, and Offset's notoriety grew with his relationship to Cardi B, Takeoff should be acknowledged for his great rap artistry. 

  4. Mac Miller
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    heart eyes

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    We would like to posthumously give Mac Miller the official recognition he deserves and deserved while he was here. With his great storytelling, visualization and humor, Mac Miller amassed a large loyal fan base. His music resonated with a particular crowd of music, and he shall forever be remembered as one of the best rap artists of our time. His flow and lyricism made him immortal.

  5. Fab

    F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S! Fab is arguably the King of New York. From the moment he dropped his first record, he's been one of the few very consistent rappers in the game. With catchy punchlines and a dope flow, Fab remains a top rap artist. The rapper is popular in the U.S. but definitely needs more recognition internationally. His rap-game status has been pretty consistent; however, the rapper deserves way more shine!

Written by Essie Michelle


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