Exclusive: 5 Fun Facts About Singer Samm Henshaw

Samm Henshaw performing with his band in front of a live audience for BET Imagine Room

Exclusive: 5 Fun Facts About Singer Samm Henshaw

The South London soul singer was the latest guest to drop by BET's "Imagine Room."

Published September 9th

Written by Soraya Joseph

Musician Samm Henshaw recently stopped by BET's Imagine Room, and was sure to leave a lasting impression. 

The singer was the latest guest to bless the mic for the BET digital series,  performing live-versions of his more popular tracks, including "Broke," his anthem on love and financial struggle, and the Kirk Franklin endorsed, "Church," a gospel-esque song about seeking salvation while dealing with the adversities of the real world.

Check out the performance below, as well as five fun facts that the singer recently revealed to BET digital!

  1. Samm is skilled in playing four instruments

    The UK-raised singer is skilled in playing four instruments: piano, guitar, drums and bass. He's multi-skilled to say the least.

    Growing up in South London, Samm was raised by Nigerian parents. Although nobody in the household actually played an instrument, there was "always sound" in the house, which played a huge role in the artist's musical nature and influence.

  2. He is working on another project outside of music

    Outside of music, Samm is currently working on another project - a graphic novel! While he revealed the nature of the project, Samm has yet to go into detail on the release date. 

  3. Samm's music dream group is very diverse

    When asked who his dream music group would consist of, Samm listed the likes of the late icon Michael Jackson, reggae music pioneer Bob Marley, famous Welsh bassist and producer Pino Palladino and pop / alternative rock singer John Mayers. 

    Back in May of this year, in an interview with Clash, Samm said: “My influences are wide-ranging and it’s a little grating when you put so much of that into your work for someone to limit what you do.”

  4. Samm loves his fans!

    According to Samm, his favorite thing about touring is the opportunity to meet his fans from all over the world.

    The singer and songwriter, who is currently signed to Columbia records, garnered massive media attention back in 2016, after receiving mainstream media support from BBC Radio 1, and later, touring with rapper Chance the Rapper and singer Tori Kelly.

  5. Samm's favorite Sunday hobby is... eating!

    Same, Samm. Same!


    Check out the full epsiode of Samm's performance on BET's Imagine Room, below!

    Tune into Imagine Room every Monday on BET Digital at 6PM EST!

Photos by Jocelyn Prescod for BET


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