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Ramsey, Head Honcho


His master plan came to fruition when he met one of Nas's childhood friends, which led to him actually meeting with the rapper himself. After talking a bit with the MC about his shop idea, Salon Ramsey was born. The rest, shall we say, was HAIR-story. 

IG: @salonramseyatl

Montana, General-at-Large


Ramsey's first client in ATL and a good friend, Montana convinced both Nas and Ramsey to give him a shot at running more salons. As they opened, Montana proved he was up to the task and the money has been flowing ever since. 

IG: @darealmontana

Danni, Queen Stylist


Danni's beauty is way more than skin deep and she's got the skills that helps pay the bills. As the lead stylist at Salon Ramsey, she has to deal with her fair share of hate, but she doesn't want people to get jealous, she just wants them to get on her level. 

IG: @hairbydanni

Chelley, Hair Hustler


Chelley loves being in the hair business and all of the doors it's opened for her to fulfill her dreams. Her work ethic proves that she has what it takes to run her one salon one day. Is that day coming sooner than we think, though? 

IG: @only1chelley

Inkman, Resident Ink Master


Inkman owns one of the premiere tattoo shops in ATL (Awesome Ink Studios). He loves creating art, especially with the ladies. 

IG: @inkman84

Coco, Bombshell Beautician


Coco is enamored with beautiful things (herself included), which is why she's such a great hair stylist. She's equipped with infectious Southern charm, however, if you take her kindness for a weakness she'll be ready with a full arsenal of shade. Word of advice: play nice with this brown-skinned beauty. 


Baby Girl, Boss in Training


One of the youngest stylists at Salon Ramsey, BabyGirl has worked extrememly hard to get to where she is, but can she steer clear of the pettiness so that she can reach her full potential as a stylist? Only time will tell. 

IG: @_ahjahnae

K Boss, Leader of the Nail School

Her celeb clientiele doesn't phase her one bit, K Boss is about doing great work and getting to the money. She has high expectations for the other professionals at Salon Ramsey as well as for herself. Her name doesn't have "boss" in it for no reason!

IG: @k_bossnails

Perry, Cutting-Edge Prince


Like his bestie Danni, Perry is skilled when it comes to hair. He's also one of the lead barbers at Salon Ramsey, which comes with its own level of problems. Will Perry let the hate get to him? No, he's too fly for that. 

IG: @donaldperryfunk

Silas, Commander-in-Shade


Last but certain not least is Silas. He doesn't need you to tell him that he's good at what he does, his work speaks volumes already. Matched with an out of this world personality that's just as loud as the styles he creates, Silas is definitely the kick-a** stylist and spark of fire that Salon Ramsey needs.

IG: @salt_inthe__game

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