Let's Stay Together "Fear Factor" Episode Recap

Let's Stay Together "Fear Factor" Episode Recap

Stacy and Charles have security issues--literally. Tasha learns that Crystal is pledging her sorority.

Published March 21, 2012

What You Missed: After a series of burglaries in the neighborhood, Stacy and Charles are fearful that they will be the target of the next break-in. Charles considers purchasing a gun but Stacy talks him out of it.


Meanwhile, Crystal begins to act suspicious around Tasha and Jamal. They soon learn that Crystal is pledging Alpha Delta Zeta, the same sorority to which Tasha belongs. With that in mind, Tasha begins taking advantage of Crystal and her line sisters, much to Crystal's dismay.


Stacy and Charles decide to purchase an expensive security system, but Stacy decides to disable it after it begins to interfere with their home life. Later on, Charles comes back home to find that the house has been robbed, prompting Charles to get upset with Stacy.


Growing tired of Tasha's demands, Crystal has an older sorority sister pay a visit to Tasha to make her stop hazing. Ultimately, Tasha complies and the pledgees get the last laugh.

Written by Jordan "YR" Yue


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