Flirting at Work: Is It Right or Wrong?

Flirting at Work: Is It Right or Wrong?

Should using your sexuality be a tactic to advance professionally?

PUBLISHED ON : APRIL 17, 2012 / 01:00 PM

On tonight's episode of Let's Stay Together, Charles is faced with a bit of a dilemma when a colleague flirts with him just to get her way. Now, even though the drama that will unfold tonight is fictional it does raise this question: Is it OK to flirt to get ahead professionally?

The answer is: not really. If you are flirting in order to get your foot in the door or to stay two steps ahead of the game then you may end up losing more than you can gain, especially if your flirtation is being used to mask the fact that you may not be as qualified for the job as you seem on paper. Your sexuality is yours to use however you would like to, but when it comes to being a hardworking professional, be mature and keep it professional. You have all of the time in the world to fraternize after work at happy hour, so don't do it between the hours of nine and five.


Now, don't get us wrong. It's understood that plenty of love connections happen at work and result in amazing relationships, but let that happen naturally. There's a plan for everybody and if you're destined to meet the love of your life at work, then it will happen, but don't force it.

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Written by Taj Rani


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