Dr. Romance's Relationship Guide: How to Stay Together

Dr. Romance's Relationship Guide: How to Stay Together

Dr. Romance is here to provide some much needed advice to anyone going through what Stacy is going through.

PUBLISHED ON : MARCH 27, 2013 / 05:50 PM

There’s always a ton of drama when it comes to couples breaking up and making up and the characters on LST are no exception. Last night on Let’s Stay Together, Stacy caught Charles on Sneakerz with Connie and then confronted her in a very Stace-like manner. Tasha suggested Stacy get all Basketball Wives on the home wrecker and wanted a good ratchet smackdown, but the doctor settled it in a calm manner instead.

The whole incident got us thinking: What is the right thing to do if another woman is messing with your man? Here’s a step-by-step guide to taking the Stacy-inspired, classy high road when another chick is making a move on your boo:

1. Decide how you want to confront the girl. Stay away from any hair-pulling or busting out those boxing moves you saw on TV. Instead, think about exactly what you want to say and how. 

2. Tell the girl 1) to back down from your man, 2) how you’ll put her straight if she doesn’t and 3) exactly what you think about her character for hitting on a taken man. Remember, verbal ammunition is more powerful/damaging than any slap you throw her way. 

3. Make sure your beau knows what’s going down. If he’s on your side (and the brotha better be on your side after everything he’s put you through), the whole situation will seem less daunting.

4. Ask your girlfriends for support. Just 'cause your girls are present doesn’t mean the confrontation has to get dirty. The allusion of being an intimidating gang will only work in your favor. 

5. Think about how you want it to end it and all the different scenarios that could arise. What if she apologizes? What if she laughs and tells you to bring it on? Or worse, what if she goes all ratchet queen on you and makes a scene? Prepare in advance for how you will react to any of these situations.

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Written by Dr. Romance


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