Is It Okay to Hire a Hot Nanny?

Dr. Romance's Relationship Guide: Is it Okay to Hire a Hot Nanny?

Is It Okay to Hire a Hot Nanny?

Dr. Romance explains the great nanny debate.

PUBLISHED ON : APRIL 26, 2013 / 03:41 PM

Ladies, there comes a time in your relationship when you must question how much you really trust your boo. On the last episode of Let’s Stay Together, Tasha was reluctant to hire a hot female nanny because she’d be spending a lot of time in her and Jamal’s home…and with Jamal. That got us comfortable do most women feel hiring an attractive babysitter?

There are two sides to this argument:

The first one is: If you’re secure enough with yourself and your relationship, you won’t care about any young hot thang walking around your home. Also, if you trust your man, you won’t doubt his ability to control his (heightened) hormones in the presence of a beautiful woman. Plus, if she’s educated, experienced and cheap, she’s probably a great option for the kids. If your boo is gonna cheat in the first place, he’ll find a way whether or not there’s a hot nanny in the house. There are attractive sistas everywhere, so what’s one more? 

The second side is: Even if your husband/boyfriend is super-duper in love with you, everyone is attracted to gorgeous. And in the end, even though it all boils down to trust, sometimes inviting temptation into your home can lead to unwanted consequences. So why play with fire in the first place? Nope, the (slightly unqualified) nanny will always trump the pretty one. 

In the end, there’s no right answer, really. Everything depends on you and your boo, the strength of your relationship and the dynamics between you two. What do you think — would you hire a sexy babysitter/nanny/housekeeper knowing she’d be around your significant other?

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Written by Dr. Romance


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