Should You Stay Together?

Should You Stay Together?

Should You Stay Together?

Dr. Romance explains why you should end your current relationship before moving on to the next.

PUBLISHED ON : MAY 15, 2013 / 05:08 PM

On this week’s episode of Let’s Stay Together, Crystal and Rashad had a talk about their budding relationship. Our girl Crystal tried to convince her new boo that it was okay to date each other because Darkanian was seeing other women anyway. This got us thinking: Is it okay to date another person if you’re in an almost-dead (or, in Darkie and Crystal’s case, FAKE) relationship? Or should you wait and officially END your situation before moving onto another one? Here’s why we think the latter decision is the one that works:

It’s best to END a relationship before entering another one, because:

1. It’ll help you with closure. Even if you’re in a slowly deteriorating relationship that’s eating away at your soul, by severing all ties first, you will prepare yourself both mentally and emotionally to move on.

2. It’ll help you understand your mistakes. Sit down and have a talk with the person you want to sever ties with. Understand why things didn’t work between you two and how the situation got to where it is today. By understanding your errors, you can ensure you never make the same ones again.

3. It’ll help you make better decisions. Try to understand what wrong decisions you made in your current relationship in order to avoid making the same choices in your next one.

4. It’s respectful to all parties involved. Don’t bring your new boo into your mess and emotional drama. That will only lead to MORE drama. Also, respect your current partner and your time together by ending it officially.


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Written by Dr. Romance


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