Meeting the In-Laws

Meeting the In-Laws

Meeting the In-Laws

Dr. Romance gives tips on how to make a good impression in the eyes of your future parents-in-law.

PUBLISHED ON : MAY 28, 2013 / 10:31 AM

In the season finale of Let’s Stay Together, Troy meets Kita’s dad for the first time and gets along fabulously with him! However, their encounter could have been disastrous if Troy wasn’t such a good sport. Meeting your boo’s parents is always difficult, especially if his/her mom or dad is a little bit eccentric. So if you’re about to be in the same situation, here’s a quick guide on how to successfully make a good impression with the (maybe?!) future parents-in-law:

1. Do a little bit of digging in advance — Find out a little about the parents, what they like/dislike and what topics are OK to discuss and which ones are off-limits. This will make you more comfortable making conversation with the parents and help you avoid any awkward moments.

2. Bring something — Write a polite note, bring something simple like flowers, chocolate, or wine; this gesture will help you leave a good impression in their minds.

3. Dress well — Be comfortable, look sharp and dress to impress!

4. Communicate — Be warm and friendly and ask them about their lives.

5. Help with the dishes and ask if there’s anything you can do — By offering to do this, you’re showing that you're polite and not lazy.

As long as you're friendly, polite, know what to say, and respectful, mom and dad will love you! What do you think — any other tips we’re missing?

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Written by Dr. Romance


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