Joyful Drake Answers Your Questions

Joyful Drake

Joyful Drake Answers Your Questions

A recap of our love-and-relationship chat with Tasha from Let's Stay Together.

Published February 2, 2012

Actress Joyful Drake stopped by the Let’s Stay Together love-and-relationship post-show chat Tuesday night to talk with fans about the show and her character, Tasha. In case you missed it, here are some highlights:


On if Joyful’s character, Tasha, still has feelings for Troy:

“Troy is a great guy. Tasha has feelings about him, but not for him! [laughs] Although he is nice to look at and easy on the eyes! [laughs]”


On if there are any unexpected moments this season:

“This season is full of surprises. The fact that Troy is back will play a part in Tasha and Jamal's marriage. I think anytime an ex comes back, fireworks are possible ... if you know what I mean.”


On what it was like working with the twins on set:

“Wow! Can we just agree on how cute the twins are snappy! They are the cutest, sweetest little people. Having them on set was cool. Everyone was making goofy faces at them and smiling and acting like big kids. The energy they brought to the set was amazing and I love seeing Jamal and Tasha with real babies!”


On the best part about playing Tasha:

“The best part about playing Tasha is her wardrobe! [laughs] It is fun dressing up and looking good for myself and my husband. Normally I'm just in jeans, a tank and boots ... so I have fun getting glammed-up as Tasha. And I do feel that it is important to keep the 'sexy' and the 'fly' in all relationships, whether you're dating or married. ... keep it sexy, spicey and fun!”


On working with Kyla Pratt:

KYLA! I love her! I really do. I had the pleasure of working with her on her show, One on One. And now, to have her as a part of this show is the best. She's funny, kind, real and just adds so much to the show. The minute we stepped on set together, it felt right. She's the best! I even gave her a nickname ... Baby Dustkicker ... cuz she be kicking up dust! [laughs]"


On what celebrities she would most like to work with:

“Great question! I want to work with the comedic greats and legends: Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence. And Denzel Washington, Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell, Steve Carrell, Melissa McCarthy ... I could go on, and on ... I love what I do so much. I can't wait to learn and work with others.”


On if she had any formal acting training:

“Of course ... anything that you want to do, you should study. Perfect your craft, hone your skills, strive to be the best! Your best! I study with Ivana Chubbuck, one of the best acting teachers ever! And I watch TV and film, I study to raise my bar every chance I get, so that I can really merge into the characters I play. And I did graduate from college with a BA in writing. Something else I love to do.”


On if she’s done theater before:

“Yes, I did off-Broadway in New York. I love theater. I love performing in front of a live audience, the energy in the air is unlike anything I can explain. And it is some of the best training around. No room for errors. You have to go with it and rock through the performance!”


On what advice she would give to someone wanting to break into the business:

“Follow your heart, be true to yourself and never let anyone tell you no who doesn't have the power to tell you yes. Thick skin and faith will get you everywhere in this business. Surround yourself with real people who love you for you ... and study!”


On her most exciting experience since becoming famous:

“Working with Oscar winner MoNique, working on Beauty Shop with the Queen, Latifah ... and just living my dream everyday. But the best part is the fact that my nephew back in Milwaukee, who is 10, is a fan of the show, my fan, and he watches his aunt every Tuesday night.”

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Written by Marcus Vanderberg


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