Let's Stay Together Episode 202 Recap

Let's Stay Together Episode 202 Recap

Charles and Stacy film a porno; Tasha and Troy catch up over drinks with Jamal at home. Kita celebrates her 25th birthday with the ladies and decides to take part in a reality show.

Published January 11, 2012

What You Missed: Charles and Stacy finally tied the knot; an old flame in Tasha’s life reappears as Jamal wonders what he wants from his wife.

Charles jump-starts his morning by watching a little pornography on his computer in bed, but tells his wife, Stacy, that he’s watching the news. Of course he doesn’t think about closing out from the porn video when he leaves the room and Stacy discovers that her man is watching the furthest thing from the news.

Kita is having a 25th birthday party for women only (sorry, Charles) and the theme is sisterhood. While the gang is out, they run into Troy, Tasha’s ex-boyfriend from college. The women are fawning over Troy’s watch, leaving Jamal just a tad insecure about his own personal belongings.

Back at home, Tasha has scheduled an evening out with Troy without checking with Jamal beforehand and raises the question of what would happen if the roles were reversed and ex-girlfriends were calling him.

Meanwhile Stacy comes over to talk to Tasha about how she found porn on Charles’ laptop. Stacy doesn’t understand what it means when Charles would rather watch porn instead of being with her. Tasha, on the other hand, is the total opposite and enjoys having the night off when her man decides to look elsewhere for satisfaction.

Jamal decides to get Charles’ advice about Tasha going out to get drinks with her ex, Troy. Charles says he knows a lot of women that say they wouldn’t cheat, but they do. Charles admits that he stole his share of women back in the day via the friend route.

Stacy decides to finally sit down and talk to Charles about how she found porn on his computer. Even though she was upset at first, Stacy suggests that they watch it together. While in the bedroom, Stacy thinks she can do a better job than the woman in the film and Charles decides they should make their own film.

At Kita’s birthday party, Mable (played by Kandi Burruss) tells Kita that her idea of a “mancation” is a great idea and that’s she’s been on one for the last several years. After speaking with all these “spirited, independent, sad, bitter, lonely, depressing women,” Kita decided to announce to the room that she was taking part in a reality show.

Charles decides to spy on Troy and Tasha at the bar and is eventually discovered thanks to the security guard. Charles thinks Troy is hitting on Tasha as she makes plans to go back to his house in order to hook up his computer.

Later that night, it’s showtime for Charles and Stacy as they embark on their first home porno movie together. As they go back to watch the final product, they discover that making a movie is not exactly sexy. Charles explains to Stacy why he watches porn in the first place and that it’s part of his “me time.”

Tasha returns home from her outing with Troy and Jamal explains to his wife that her ex is trying to sleep with her. Tasha, clearly in denial that Troy wants her, explains to Jamal that she can be trusted.

And as for Kita, she closes out the episode by formally accepting an offer to appear as a contestant on “Perseverance Island” for three months with a bunch of hunky men. It appears Kita’s “mancation” is officially coming to an end.

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Written by Marcus Vanderberg


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