Let's Stay Together Episode 203 Recap

Let's Stay Together Episode 203 Recap

Crystal creates a viral video; Jamal decides to go under the knife after a pregnancy scare.

Published January 18, 2012

What You Missed: Kita decides to take part in a reality show, “Perseverance Island.” Troy and Tasha catch up over drinks as Charles decides to spy on them on behalf of his best friend, Jamal.

Like any newlywed couple, there are certain expectations that men and women have. In the eyes of Charles, it’s a wife’s role to cook and clean for their man. In the eyes of Stacy, a man is expected to do “manly” duties like taking out the trash and fixing repairs around the house.

We get our first introduction to Crystal, the younger cousin of Charles and Kita and a transfer student at Clark Atlanta University. She’s working on a documentary on newly married couples and is subleasing Kita’s apartment while she’s on “Perseverance Island.”

Like any broke college student, Crystal has no problem making herself at home and raiding the kitchen of Charles and Stacy. But she does offer to help Stacy learn some new skills in the kitchen, which she’s truly lacking in the eyes of Charles.

Tasha has quite the surprise for Jamal when he gets home as she announces to him that she’s pregnant, despite not having taken a pregnancy test. Before they start stressing about how they’re going to support another child, Jamal tells Tasha to take a pregnancy test in order to find out for sure.

Meanwhile Crystal is interviewed by the local news station about a string of robberies in her apartment building and remixes the clip into a viral video. Later that night over Stacy’s interesting-looking dinner, Tasha and Jamal share with the table that they aren’t having another child and it was just a false alarm. Stacy tosses out the idea of Jamal getting a vasectomy and ending the pregnancy scares once and for all. Like any man, the idea of a vasectomy scares Jamal, but he decides to talk to the urologist about it.   

After speaking to the urologist about the procedure, Jamal decides he’s comfortable enough to go through with the vasectomy, but it’s Tasha who now has second thoughts. She tries to talk Jamal out of it because she wants more kids with him one day, but he’s decided to go ahead with the procedure and store his sperm at a bank.

As for Charles and Stacy, he’s finally forced to come clean and let his wife know that her cooking somehow managed to get worse over the past few days, and they need to come up with another way to share her love for him.


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Written by Marcus Vanderberg


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