Let's Stay Together Episode 204 Recap

Let's Stay Together Episode 204

Let's Stay Together Episode 204 Recap

Crystal finds out her Mr. Right is Mr. Pimp. Troy hires Tasha as an interior designer while Charles and Stacy struggle with their finances.

Published January 25, 2012

What You Missed: After a pregnancy scare, Jamal decides to get a vasectomy. Crystal, the younger cousin of Charles, joins the crew and moves into Kita’s apartment while she’s competing on “Perseverance Island.”

Tasha has exciting news to share with the group, as she has decided to go back to work as an interior designer and her first client is Troy, her ex-boyfriend from college. Jamal is naturally skeptical despite Tasha’s pleas that he’s only interested in her work and nothing else.

Charles brings up the topic that adults have debated over for years: Can men and women just be friends? According to Charles, it’s scientifically proven that it’s not possible, but last we checked, his day job was as a carpenter, not a scientist or relationship expert.

While at dinner, Crystal meets Bakari, who wants to take her out on a date and puts it out there that he wants to be more than just friends.

Meanwhile, Charles and Stacy are left embarrassed when the waiter returns to the table to inform him that his card was declined. This was after Charles made a large deposit in their joint bank account, but he wasn’t aware that Stacy went shopping and spent the money. Charles has been diligently saving his money for the last two years in order to buy a new truck for his business. Instead of getting his dream ride, a Camaro SS, Charles is going to settle on a used truck because that’s the financially responsible thing to do.

Tasha decides to confront her new boss, Troy, as to what his real intentions are and why she was hired in the first place. When Tasha learns that Troy has a girlfriend, she feels better about their work situation. Despite the fact that Troy has a girlfriend and Tasha confronted him about his intentions, Jamal is still under the impression that her ex-boyfriend is giving her all this work so they can spend time together.

The next morning, Stacy’s financial irresponsibility strikes again as she realizes that she forgot to mail the electric bill and the power is cut off as a result. Charles decides it’s time to get serious about their finances and creates a budget for both of them to follow. When Charles comes home one day with a brand new Ford truck, Stacy is upset and asks how he is able to afford it when she’s not allowed to buy baby sneakers. Charles explains that it’s a business expense and he saved enough money to purchase it.

Bakari and Crystal go out on their date and he’s shaping up to be the perfect man — no kids, hasn’t been married and attends church every Sunday. But Crystal’s hopes come crashing back to earth when she discovers that Bakari was formerly a pimp before opening his temp agency. Crystal appeared to be all set on going out with Bakari for a second time before she finally has a change of heart due to his pimping past.

As for Jamal, he shows up unannounced to Troy’s job in hopes of catching him making a move on his wife, Tasha. What he finds is a table for two, but not for Troy and Tasha, but for Troy and his girlfriend. Even though he acted like a jealous husband in front of him, Troy decides to offer Jamal a job, which changes his outlook on his relationship with Tasha for the time being.  


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Written by Marcus Vanderberg


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