Let's Stay Together Episode 205 Recap

Let's Stay Together Episode 205 Recap

"Let's Stay Together" episode 205 recap.

Published January 31, 2012

What You Missed: Charles and Stacy are hit with a financial wake-up call. Crystal meets a guy but finds out he’s a former pimp. Troy hires Tasha as an interior designer and offers Jamal a position as well.

Despite a lucrative job offer from Troy, Jamal turns it down due to a matter of principle. According to Jamal, it has nothing to do with working with Tasha’s ex, but because of his passion for legal aid. But after thinking it over again, Jamal decides to eventually accept Troy’s job offer, much to the delight of his wife, Tasha.

The tension between Troy and Tasha continues to build as it’s pretty clear that he still has feelings for his old ex-girlfriend. But with Jamal now working in the same office, will Troy be forced to keep those feelings in check?

Meanwhile, Charles has better luck on the job front as he landed his first celebrity client, actress Jasmine Guy. Like any celebrity, Jasmine has a few simple rules that Charles must follow, including wearing suit jackets, hard-bottom shoes and delicious cologne. He’s determined to go the extra mile, including picking up Jasmine’s clothes from the cleaners and going to the bakery, in hopes of landing other clients in the future. The allure of working for a celebrity eventually wears off and Charles wants out of his gig with Jasmine. Little does Charles and Stacy know that Jasmine has decided to invite herself to stay with him while he finishes up construction at her house.

Stacy hits it off with Jasmine when she discovers they have something in common ­— dancing. Jasmine’s temporary living situation remains a secret until Charles is finally fed up and decides to call Jamal, Tasha and Crystal in hopes of driving her back home. Crystal’s fandom over Jasmine is the final straw as she eventually has enough and decides to head back home. 


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Written by Marcus Vanderberg


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