Let's Stay Together Episode 206 Recap

Let's Stay Together Episode 206 Recap

Charles searches for some "TLC" after coming down with a cold; Jamal and Troy develop a bromance.

Published February 8, 2012

What You Missed: Actress Jasmine Guy hires Charles for a contracting gig and drives him up the wall in the process. After thinking it over for a second time, Jamal decides to accept Troy’s job offer.

Jamal is all smiles about how things are going at his new job with Troy, despite his earlier reservations about working with Tasha’s ex-boyfriend. Troy is impressed with Jamal’s work, as well as the fact that the two plan on spending some time bonding outside of the office at a Nicki Minaj listening party. After a night on the town, Troy asks Jamal about accepting a position in Los Angeles for a few months in order to help expand the business. Jamal makes the mistake of accepting Troy’s offer without discussing it first with Tasha.

Charles, on the other hand, is in full-blown adult-baby mode after coming down with a cold and desperately seeks attention and care from his wife, Stacy. With Stacy busy with work, Charles called his mother, Delores, for some TLC. Like most mothers, she has an untraditional way of taking care of their babies when they’re under the weather, including application of “The Rub,” a concoction made of goose grease, gin and mustard powder. Charles eventually recovers from his cold but tries to trick Stacy into thinking that he’s still sick in order to keep her at home and show that she cares about him. Stacy explains to Charles that she has been taking care of him and he simply hasn’t realized it.

Meanwhile, Crystal decides to host a dating party at Kita’s apartment in hopes of playing matchmaker for her friends and making some extra money in the process. Delores catches wind of the party just as Crystal discovers that the strangers she let into Kita’s apartment stole everything they could get their hands on. As a result, Crystal has to cough up the money she just earned to her aunt in order to replace the missing items.

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Written by Marcus Vanderberg


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