Let's Stay Together Episode 207 Recap

Let's Stay Together Episode 207 Recap

With Jamal out of town, Troy makes a move on Tasha. Stacy has a one-on-one showdown with Bootsy the dog.

Published February 15, 2012

What You Missed: Charles searches for some “TLC” from Stacy after he catches a cold. Jamal and Troy develop a bromance.

Jamal is headed to California for two weeks in order to help Troy expand his business out West. It will be the first time that Jamal and Tasha have been separated since the wedding and the longest Charles has been without his brother-in-law.

With Jamal out of town, Tasha and Stacy to spend more time together. The sisters haven’t hung out much since Stacy’s wedding. Stacy is suspicious of Tasha’s work relationship with Troy after she notices a brand new purse she received as a gift from him.

Meanwhile, Stacy is left with the task of dog-sitting Bootsy, a cute pooch that for some reason has it out for her. Bootsy ignores Stacy, bites and even urinates on her. Charles thinks Stacy’s relationship with Bootsy will be a precursor to how she is as a mother. Crystal, who used to work at a veterinarian's office, knows of a dog counselor who might help Stacy out with her relationship with Bootsy. According to the dog counselor, Bootsy has a crush on Charles and resents Stacy’s interference. Stacy has to establish that she’s the alpha-female of the household. The dog counselor wants Stacy to give Bootsy a demand and, if the dog doesn’t respond, hold her head to the floor and count to 5. Unfortunately for Stacy, after she counts to 5, Bootsy stops moving. Stacy is forced to give Bootsy mouth-to-mouth in order to revive the dog. She eventually embraces her inner alpha-female and Bootsy shows some respect towards Stacy.

With Tasha’s job winding down with Troy, he informs her that a friend is looking for an interior designer for his boutique hotel and that he would put a good word in on her behalf. As Tasha celebrates the idea of designing a hotel, Troy makes a move on his old ex-girlfriend and kisses her. Tasha pushes away and wonders how Troy could do this to her. He explains that he never got over her and was hoping they could work things out. Tasha informs Troy that Jamal provides her with everything she needs and she picked him over Troy in the past and is doing it again.

When Jamal finds out about the incident, he flies back from California and hands letters of resignation for himself and his wife to Troy. While Troy feels the incident wasn’t a big deal, Jamal punches Troy. Before Troy has a chance to call the police, Jamal informs him that he plans on filing a sexual harassment lawsuit unless he settles for double his salary or triple what Tasha was making. Troy eventually settles, as Tasha and Jamal walk away with a good chunk of change as a result.

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Written by Marcus Vanderberg


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