Let's Stay Together Episode 208 Recap

Let's Stay Together Episode 208 Recap

Tasha's celebrity blog catches the attention of NeNe Leakes. Jamal represents Charles in an arbitration hearing.

PUBLISHED ON : FEBRUARY 29, 2012 / 04:00 PM

What You Missed: With Jamal out of town, Troy makes a move on his wife, Tasha. Stacy has a one-on-one showdown with Bootsy the dog.

With Tasha in-between clients, she decides to start a celebrity gossip blog, which happens to get the attention of Wendy Williams during her daily “Hot Topics.” Typical of Tasha, she sees nothing but fame and fortune out of this mention and the "wheels" start turning on how she can best capitalize off her latest get-rich venture. She toys with the idea of blogging under her real name instead of anonymously. After going public on her blog, Tasha gets harassed in the streets of Atlanta by a fellow blogger, whom she thinks is NeNe Leakes. Tasha posted a photo of NeNe in a bikini and speculated that she was pregnant, when in fact she was just taking a cheap shot at The Real Housewives of Atlanta star. While out at dinner, Tasha finally has the opportunity to confront Leakes. NeNe pretends she has no idea who Tasha is as her bodyguard escorts her away — but not before snapping a photo of her.

Meanwhile, Charles is looking for some legal representation from Jamal after he is involved in a minor car accident. Jamal doesn’t represent family members and tries to suggest an attorney for Charles instead. Charles eventually convinces him and, much to their surprise, Judge Mathis is overseeing the arbitration hearing. The victim in the car accident provides quite the sob story to Judge Mathis, but it's Charles’ over-the-top antics and comments that land the victim $10,000 in damages. Jamal gets a second shot at representing Charles and he discovers footage on Facebook of the victim dancing, despite claims that she’s not only pregnant but also has a spinal injury. In light of this new information, Judge Mathis decides each party is responsible for their own damages.

Crystal is saving her money to shoot a short film and Stacy decides to write her a check for $500 in order to help fund the project. She quickly has second thoughts about her generous donation after Stacy notices that Crystal has purchased a variety of new items since handing her the check. Stacy decides to be proactive since she’s financially invested and prepares a budget, marketing plan and schedule for Crystal to use in filming her project. Little does Stacy know that Crystal wasn’t spending her $500 to buy those new items. In fact, she was using her own money and connections to acquire those items. Crystal decides to give the money back to Stacy and shoot her film on a cell phone instead.

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