Season 2 Q&A Interview: Kyla Pratt

Season 2 Q&A Interview: Kyla Pratt

The newest co-star of Let's Stay Together talks about her role on the show and the reaction following her appearance on 106 & Park.

Published January 8, 2012

It’s not often that the youngest actor on a show is also the most experienced, but that’s the case with Kyla Pratt, the newest addition to BET’s Let’s Stay Together.


The 25-year-old is making her return to the television world after a six-year hiatus to play Crystal, the younger cousin of Charles and Kita. Pratt is probably best known for her roles as Breanna Latrice and Penny Proud on One on One and The Proud Family, respectively.  


Prior to her Let's Stay Together debut, Pratt spoke to about what fans can expect from her character on the show and the reaction she got after announcing she had a child on 106 & Park.


BET: How were you approached about the role of Crystal?


Kyla: I was approached through a writer that I worked with on One on One who was working on Let’s Stay Together. He hit me up on Facebook asking if I would be interested and I was like of course. All these people I know and love and trusted were working on this show, so of course I would wan to be a part of something so fun and vibrant and exciting. Of course I watched the show’s first season and I thought I would be a great addition.


What was it like on set being the new member of the crew?


Being the new person was cool. It was a lot of fun. It was my first project after coming back and taking a break. It was fun and exciting. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. I brought my daughter to work with me, so I think I got bonus points by just doing that. It was great. It’s great to be part of family like this.


So there was no rookie hazing by the veterans?


No rookie hazing at all. We were learning from each other, going off each other’s energy and just having fun. Everyone was cool.


What should fans expect from your character in this season of Let’s Stay Together?


They should expect a crazy college student. And when you’re a college student, there’s a lot going on in your life. There’s no limits from partying, dating, dealing with grade issues and being broke and trying to live off your family members.


What was the feedback you got from fans after your appearance on 106 & Park last year?


I got a lot of great feedback. A lot of people were surprised when I announced that I had a daughter and just a lot of love. A couple of people talked crazy but the world wouldn’t be right if people that hate weren’t involved. It was cool. I think they were happy that I was back on the scene and I love doing what I do and I’m just glad people have followed me this far and that they will continue to follow me.


Are there any plans for your character Crystal when Kita returns?


Actually I don’t even know. That’s going to be surprise to me. I’m just excited that we are both going to be on the show together. A lot of people hit me up talking mess thinking I was taking Erica’s place, so that’s why I posted a photo of us together so people knew there wasn’t any problems. Whatever comes up is going to be a surprise to me because we actually go back next month to finish the season. I’m excited to see what’s going to happen.


What should couples take away from Let’s Stay Together?


I love this show because it’s all about love and I feel like everybody on this earth really wants to better their relationships and find the right relationships. To see two couples that are battling to make it work just shows that love is in a marriage but there are also trials and things that you have to make it through and showing women and men how to keep it spicy. My character and Erica’s character are young and vibrant and not in a marriage situation. My character isn’t looking for marriage. She’s just young and looking for fun.


Outside of Let’s Stay Together, what do you have in the works in terms of your professional career?


I’m just focusing on Let’s Stay Together and slowly building my production company. I’m trying to get into writing as well. I let people know that I’m a perfectionist, so I’m not saying something is coming out tomorrow, but I’m just letting you know that’s what I’m doing and learning how to do things the right way.


So, do you see yourself doing less acting and more writing in the future?


Not necessarily. I love what I do and being in front of the camera. But I never want to limit myself to just one thing and just venture out into new things.

(Photo: BET)

Written by Marcus Vanderberg


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