Season 2 Q&A Interview: Christian Keyes

Christian Keyes

Season 2 Q&A Interview: Christian Keyes

Let's Stay Together's Troy talks about what's in store for his character and whether he prefers acting over singing.

Published January 23, 2012

At the conclusion of Let’s Stay Together last season, we were first introduced to Troy, an old college flame from Tasha’s past. Played by actor Christian Keyes, Troy is back and making things interesting in Tasha's and Jamal’s marriage, as he clearly has old feelings for his ex.


Keyes, who is also a singer, got his break in the acting world as a regular in Tyler Perry’s popular national stage plays. spoke to the recurring Let’s Stay Together guest star about his character, Troy, and working with the rest of the cast on set.


How did you land the role of Troy on Let’s Stay Together?


I auditioned with BET for a couple of things back-to-back and they reached out to my agent and said they had something in mind for me. They sent the stuff over and I loved it. The opportunity to work on a show that was already really, really cool was a no-brainer. I was loving it.


What should fans expect from your character, Troy?


[Laughs] He might be starting a little trouble. He’s obviously still interested in Tasha, who happens to be married. Without giving away too much, sometimes a man has to go after what he wants. Sometimes he has to find a creative way to do it. You can definitely expect some fireworks, some fun and a little bit of drama.


Have the topics addressed on this show impacted your love life in any way?


Nah, absolutely not. Acting is acting. You put a character on like a really well designed outfit. Put it on, wear it to your event, and take it off. That’s not really me. I would never chase a married woman in real life. They say “never say never,” I’m saying never! There’s definitely some similarities, like Troy goes after what he wants and I do, but I wouldn’t chase a married woman.


What was it like on set with the rest of the Let’s Stay Together cast?

The cast was great. RonReaco, Bert, Nadine, Joyful, Erica and Kyla, they are all just dope. Even the guest stars and everything, the writers, producers, it felt like I belonged there. It was an awesome feeling to feel that way. It’s not always the case. So, to work on a show where you really like the writing and you really like the people and you really like the network and you see their vision of what they’re trying to do for the future and the direction it’s trying to go, it’s really a blessing to be a part of. I still keep in touch with pretty much all of them.


What would you tell married couples to take away from Let’s Stay Together?


I would say pay attention because there are a lot of great lessons in the show — a lot of good pointers and suggestions. Also, everything isn’t applicable to every situation. In some cases, the story might affect your relationship, but then again, it might not. Every relationship is different.


Do you have a preference between singing and acting?


I love, love both. It’s a different kind of high … or rush, from both. I love acting because it’s a chance to create a person and do some things you might not ever be able to do in life, like this [playing Troy]. I’m chasing a married woman; I wouldn’t do that in real life. No way. I get to do it on a TV show, which is fun. I love acting for that and thankfully, acting pays the bills. That’s my job. I’m an actor but I wlll always do music because I love singing and I grew up singing. I’m an actor that just happens to be able to sing.


Outside of Let’s Stay Together, what do you have in the works?


Feb. 3, Dysfunctional Friends will be released in New York and Los Angeles, and some other cities afterwards. That’s starring myself, Meagan Good, Stacey Dash, Tatyana Ali, Terrell Owens, Hosea Chanchez from The Game, Erica Hubbard, Essence Atkins, Wesley Johnson, Jason Weaver, Vanessa Simmons, there are so many talented and amazing people in this thing, it’s almost impossible to remember everybody. I’m sure the DVD will be coming soon afterwards.


Also, we just shot Note to Self, which is a film that I wrote. It’s a college coming-of-age film and that’s starring myself, LeToya Luckett, Richard T. Jones, Valerie Pettiford, Clifton Powell, Brian McKnight, J.T. Jackson, Eva Pigford, another amazing cast. I don’t know how we got that many great people in this picture. There are a lot of good things going on and I’m excited to see these episodes of Let’s Stay Together that I’m in and I’m possibly involved in some future episodes. It’s a great show and I would love to keep it rolling.


You can follow Christian on Twitter @ChristianKeyes


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Written by Marcus Vanderberg


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