Season 2 Q&A Interview: Erica Hubbard

Season 2 Q&A Interview: Erica Hubbard

Kita has a special announcement for the Let's Stay Together family.

Published January 9, 2012

And the award for Best Actress goes to Erica Hubbard for keeping her pregnancy and birth of a baby girl a secret from the rest of the world.


While most celebrities are quick to let the world know they're pregnant once they’ve peed on the stick, Hubbard decided to go a different route and keep her pregnancy under the radar.


After giving birth to a baby girl, Hubbard is ready to get back to work and resume her role of Kita on Let’s Stay Together. spoke exclusively to Hubbard prior to the Season 2 premiere of Let’s Stay Together about her pregnancy and what's in store for Kita this season.


BET:  I know you kept the news kind of quiet, but how did your pregnancy go?


EH: It went well. I didn’t talk about it much because usually when I’m in character, I have to stay in character and I live that character's life. If I started talking about it, then I get wrapped up in that world and I feel like sometimes it brings me away from my character. All throughout filming, everyone was like, “How are you doing?” and I was like, “Kita’s good.” I just stayed in that whole realm of the Kita world.


Was it a boy or a girl?


It was a girl.


It was refreshing for you to go through your entire pregnancy and not hear about it. Often times, celebrities are the opposite.


Thank  you. It’s a lot of work being a parent. It’s a lot of joy being a parent. I kind of kept it under the radar and just did that. When it was time to go to work, I dedicated myself to that. I didn’t want to mix the two. I kept it under the radar. Some actresses do.


What should fans expect from your character in this season of Let’s Stay Together?


Kita’s love interest. She’s been searching for a love interest and it’s like, is she ever going to find one? She was supposed to find one on a reality show because she had exhausted all of her options in trying to find a love interest of her own. That’s what fans should expect, to see her paired up with someone.


How has your day-to-day life changed since this time last January?


My demographic has expanded. When I was on ABC Family, we reached a different demographic. The "teenybopper" kind of demographic following Cassie and Charles on Lincoln Heights. Since playing Kita on BET, my demographic started expanding a little bit more. I was not just that teenybopper that people were watching, but I had young adults watching. And then, I would have some senior citizens watching. Then I would have some baby boomers watching. It has expanded and it’s been really good to work with the BET family because it has expanded my audience. That’s always a good thing for actors — the more people that know you, the better.


How much time did you spend on set with Kyla Pratt?


You know what? Kyla and I didn’t meet on set. I did my scenes and she came in and did her scenes. We kind of crossed paths. When I was in the trailer, she would be in wardrobe. I would never see her, but the writers told me that they got some good stuff for us in February. They are going to write some scenes for Kyla and I, so I’m excited about that.


What should couples take away from Let’s Stay Together?


Commitment is everything. Just because you’re in a relationship and you feel like it’s not working, give it another try. Always keep trying because the more effort you put into a relationship, that’s what’s going to make it work.


Have the topics addressed on the show impacted your love life in any way?


[Laughs] Yay and nay. That’s all I’m going to say. Some of the stuff works, some of the stuff doesn’t work. You just take bits and pieces from not just Let’s Stay Together, but from The Game as well, and see what works in their relationships and use it in your daily life. And also, I watch Reed Between the Lines and I look at their relationship and I’m taking notes there, too. I’m taking notes with all of the shows on BET.


Outside of Let’s Stay Together, what do you have in the works in terms of your professional career?


I have a movie coming out called Dysfunctional Friends and I also have this other movie coming out on Netflix, Target, Walmart, all of the VOD distributions circuits you can think of — it’s called The Ideal Husband.

(Photo: BET)

Written by Marcus Vanderberg


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