Top Five Moments: Erica Hubbard

Top Five Moments: Erica Hubbard

Kita from "Let's Stay Together" shares her favorite moments from this season.

Published March 29, 2011

Actress Erica Hubbard, who plays Kita Whitmore on Let’s Stay Together, shares her top five moments from this season.

What are your top five favorite Let’s Stay Together moments so far this season?

1. "When Kita responded to the guy who told her she was crazy (while in the club) that she was 'crazy and STD-free!'"

2. "When Stacy says she would like to make blackened fish for her out-of-town friends while they play cards, and Kita says she would like to order fried catfish, and Stacy's friends [James Lesure and Nicole Ari Parker] say they want the same while laughing at Stacy's taste."

3. "When Kita and Jamal thought they could really get paid for their talent while performing at a restaurant—but to their surprise the online reviews were horrible."

4. "When Jamal was pretending he was talking on the phone with his wife Tasha [while drinking with Charles], saying he was going to be home when he gets there, and then the phone rang."

5. "When Kita was on her vow of silence, and, as it was almost over, she [broke it] to talk to this extremely handsome guy who approaches her."


(Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Written by Marcus Vanderberg


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