What Makes The Perfect Partner?

What Makes The Perfect Partner?

We asked Let's Stay Together fans and here are some of their responses.

Published January 27, 2012

Let’s Stay Together is all about love and relationships, so we decided to ask fans of the show their thoughts on what makes the perfect partner:


Tete's Gettin Itt: "I understand faith and trust makes things a hell of a lot better in a relationship. To be appreciative that you can be each other's strength and happiness. To be strong-minded and independent helps for a healthy companionship. But, ultimately, be happy with yourself first!"


Garry Luke: "The holding and appreciation of love and beauty that transcends from the physical into the soul."


Pierre Coner: "A person that knows you for who you are exactly, a person that accepts what you have become and never judges you, and allows for you to grow and helps you along the way is a friend that you should keep around for a lifetime. A real friend doesn't judge you for your past or for who you are at the moment, but instead encourages you to continue to reach new heights, never get comfortable in plateaus, and wishes the best for you at all times. Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart."


Washania, Licensed Cosmetology Instructor: "An almost-perfect partner would be God-fearing, sexy, hard-working, educated, smart, trustworthy, giving, mature, a provider — good looks and a nice body is great also."


Leasure Conley: "A perfect partner would have to put god first, be trustworthy, honest, loving and understanding, and the rest will fall in place by the grace of god."


Tiffany Parker: "Faith in God, faith in each other, trust, honesty, must be willing to make sacrifices for each other, understanding, patience and love."


Terry Lee Chinen: "Is there a such thing as perfect — no, there is not — but through love, dedication, faith trust and honesty, things will be fine and your relationship will be stronger. Growing and having understanding for one another will bring all that together; just remember to always find time for each other in communication will also keep your relationship strong too."


Dianne Rose: "Nobody is perfect, but it would be nice to have a partner who loves god and knows the power of prayer and is not afraid to pray with me. Also, someone who is outgoing, supportive and open to new, positive things.


Agree or disagree? Let us know what you think makes the perfect partner in the comments section.

(Photo: Kristian Dowling/PictureGroup)

Written by Marcus Vanderberg


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