10 Intense Workouts We Know Mandela Would've Killed

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10 Intense Workouts We Know Mandela Would've Killed

Nelson Mandela was a true athlete in his own right. Check out these killer workouts even Madiba could've done.

Published February 1, 2017

During his time at Robben Island, Nelson Mandela worked out rigorously. Despite time or space constraints, he always found a way to use working out as his personal therapy and time to clear his mind. Here are some workouts that we know Madiba would've killed if he were still alive.

  1. Tire Flips

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    There are multiple ways to use a tire as a strength and conditioning workout tool. Tire flipping in particular will give your body the extra push it needs to challenge yourself and work on technique. 

  2. Bosu Ball and Ropes

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    The Bosu ball is one of the greatest tools you can utilize to work on your balance. Challenge your equilibrium by moving your arms up and down with ropes! 

  3. Push-Ups and TRX Bands

    TRX bands will challenge your strength and stability. You can turn TRX bands into a tool for leg, arm and core workouts. As opposed to doing push ups on the floor, TRX bands will keep you in mid air and encourage you to push through.

  4. Alternating Side Planks

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    Strengthen your core with side planks. If you're feeling like a daredevil, add plate weights to up your game!

  5. Rotation Mountain Climbers

    A towel and hardwood floor can go a long way. Use towels as sliders to work through mountain climbers, rest assured this one will have you out of breath.

  6. Alternating Back Lunges

    With or without weights, lunges are a great way to build balance and strengthen your legs. Use a bar weight to challenge your steadiness. 

  7. Sled Push

    Sled and prowler pushes are a great use of cardio. They engage your entire body and make sure you put forth max effort. It works great as a finisher to your workout!

  8. Spinning

    Spinning is a great form of cardio. Metric classes ensure that you get in a high interval training workout by making you move up and down on the bike. It's a great alternative to running because it isn't as tough on your joints!

  9. Boxing

    Boxing is also a full-body workout! As a true cardio killer, boxing makes sure that you keep your arms up and in motion while engaging all muscles.

  10. Running

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    Last but not least, we couldn't forget the simplest form of workouts — running. Nelson Mandela was known for using running as a way to clear his mind.

    Be sure to catch Madiba, only on BET! 

Written by Milena Toro

(Photo from top: WALTER DHLADHLA/AFP/Getty Images)


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