7 Times Madiba Taught Us the Meaning of Tenacity

7 Times Madiba Taught Us the Meaning of Tenacity

With all odds against him and his team, he prevailed.

Published February 15th

  1. Understanding justice

    When he became a lawyer and opened a firm with Oliver Tambo.

  2. Love and reassurance

    When he kept it all together to reassure Winnie even when the family was falling apart.

  3. mental health

    When he understood that mental health was what kept him sane, so he put himself in dangerous situations to do it anyway.


    When he led the ANC to win their case, despite having the odds against them as people who tried to “take down the government.”

  5. stand for something

    When he stood up to guards for how him and other inmates were unfairly treated.

  6. Loyalty

    When he negotiated for what was right despite bribes any other man might’ve taken.

  7. What matters

    When he saw the bigger picture of unity all along and proved it when he became president of South Africa!

Written by BET Staff


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