8 Reasons Why Miami Is the Perfect City to Get Your ‘One Shot’

081816-music-instagram-photos-of-the-week (Photo: Dj Khaled via Instagram)

8 Reasons Why Miami Is the Perfect City to Get Your ‘One Shot’

Miami is a great city for rappers. Check out these reasons why Miami is the hottest place for a rapper to blow up.

Access to Khaled

In Miami, you will have premium access to DJ Khaled’s major keys to success. After all, Khaled always knows best. Don't ever play yourself.

Home to the World Famous Hit Factory

Many have come and many have made epic music at Miami’s own Hit Factory. This top-quality recording studio is among the elite. It has hosted an incredibly log list of talented artists from Kanye West to Pharrell.

Will Smith Made It Look Soooo Cool

That’s right! Recognize greatness and show respect to Big Willy!

The South Beach Lifestyle

If you doubt the importance of lifestyle, just ask any available Rich Gang member. Miami is about beautiful people, great weather, expensive cars, incredible beaches and having fun. These elements combined create an ideal environment for an upcoming rap star.

Pose for the Camera, Click, Click

It’s a photoshoot! If you plan on being a superstar, you’re going to need some fly pics. Miami has incredible scenic spots where an artist and a photographer could make some magic happen.


Back in the day, rappers that were looking to get signed would flock to Miami for the Jack the Ripper Music Conference. Jack the Ripper has been over for a while now. However, P. Diddy has tried to revive that feeling with RMC — and for rappers, this music conference is a great networking opportunity.

The Notorious Nightlife

Bottle poppin’ seems to be the preferred sport of most rappers. Currently, there’s no better place in the country to have a ragingly fun night out. Not to mention, club appearances make for a pretty solid secondary income stream. So go ahead and hit LIV on a Sunday.

Khaled for the Win Again

Did we mention you may get a chance to get secret keys from Khaled? And if you’re lucky, you’ll get a chance to go eat at his restaurant Finga Licking.

Written by BET Staff

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