Kevin Hart

Perhaps the hottest comedian in the entertainment industry at the current moment, Kevin has appeared in numerous movies and television shows and hosted his own comedy specials. He first introduced Real Husbands of Hollywood  as a series of skits during BET Awards 2011, where it was met with much enthusiasm. Now Kevin is flexing his status as celebrity powerhouse with the series and showing audiences everywhere that he is on the same level as his co-stars...even if he is a foot shorter.

Robin Thicke

Given the aforementioned "achievements," it's no wonder he's a Real Husband. However, as much as Robin has it made, he still can't seem to steer clear of the drama (in particular Kevin's ego). It's all good though, Robin can usually waltz his way out of trouble as easily as he can sing, which of course makes him a natural fit for the Husbands crew.

Duane Martin

A sitcom staple and husband to Tisha Campbell, Martin has it made. His many business enterprises have added to his reputation as a serial entrpreneur and his role in Above the Rim  has helped solidify his place in '90s cult movie heaven. He also played a character who wasn't  stabbed to death in the Scream  movie series, which is huge accomplishment for any thespian. 

Nick Cannon

What more can we say about Nick Cannon? He's a business executive, investor, father, endorser of K-Pop bands and former child star. However, when they announced Real Husbands of Hollywood  as a show, Nick looked at it as if it were a duty and astutely heeded the call. Now here he is showing the world how he does in Hollywood and laying the law down as one of the town's realest of husbands.

Boris Kodjoe

Boris  has had a 360 degree Hollywood experience. Having started out as a model, he transitioned his way into acting making a huge splash on the Showtime series Soul Food . After that, he did a few movies, made some guest appearances, Resident Evil: Retribution , yadda yadda. Somewhere down the line he married his Soul Food  co-star Nicole Ari Parker.

Now, with his role on Real Husbands of Hollywood , Kodjoe solidifies his place next to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean-Claude Van Damme as the next Deutsch superstar. 

J.B. Smoove

How Smoove is J.B. Smoove? So Smoove that he's the only other comedian other than Kevinon the show. Still have doubts? Well consider his role on Curb Your Enthusiasm , the HBO series with Larry David, and how much acclaim he has received for his role as Leon. As a Real Husband, Smoove is adding even more depth to his persona and providing ample competition to Kevin's ego.


Since jumping on the scene with his infectious debut single, "Country Grammar," Nelly has made a resounding impact in hip hop that can still be felt to this day. However, his talent goes beyond just the radio and he has continued to expand his brand into other areas. Since exploring ventures outside of the music industry he has released an actual workout DVDfound interest in the TV series Bridezillas  and was integral in the reunion of Mike and Ike . In short, he was a no-brainer as a season regular for Real Husbands of Hollywood .

Jackie Long

American television and film actor, writer, musician, director and producer. He is also a voice actor for Grand Theft Auto V. He has been involved in the films, Save Me from Love, Pastor Shirley, and What She Wants for Christmas as a producer. More recently he has obtained acting roles in Spare Change, Surviving…, and Born Again Virgin.

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