Kevin Hart: Class of 2013

Kevin Hart: Class of 2013

Kevin Hart: Class of 2013

Kevin Hart once again graces the pages of The Hollywood Reporter.

PUBLISHED ON : MAY 2, 2013 / 11:35 AM

It's probably safe to say Kevin Hart and The Hollywood Reporter have a wholesome relationship.

First he brings the heat by appearing with the Husbands cast as part of their reality TV list, next he graces the pages of their cover story on the top comedians of the year. It's a fantastic start to the summer box office season for funnyman Kevin Hart, whose upcoming stand-up film Let Me Explain arrives in theaters on July 3. Appearing alongside other laugh-out-loud hitmakers such as Judd Apatow and Louis C.K. on the list, Hart also discusses his current success and the past experiences that helped mold him in an online video of the photoshoot.

"Being a Black comedian, the one thing you need is the Black love first. When you get that and your people put a stamp on you and say, 'Ay you're funny man. We like you and we rollin' with you,' it's the best feeling in the world," he says.

The Comedy Class of 2013 issue of The Hollywood Reporter hits stands on May 10, 2013. Catch Kevin Hart in Season 2 of Real Husbands of Hollywood, coming this fall.

Written by Jordan "YR" Yue


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