Play Mitch Poker, Win Big

Who's the Biggest Mitch?

Play Mitch Poker, Win Big

#Mitches! We're giving you a chance to win big money with you play the Real Husbands of Hollywood #Mitch poker game on Facebook and twitter. Make this money!

Published December 13, 2013

All season long we've been giving #RHOH fans a chance to win prizes by playing a classic card game of poker, Real Husbands of Hollywood-style on both Facebook and Twitter called #Mitch Poker.

Some of the prizes we've given away thus far have been Real Husbands of Hollywood swag and most recently we congratulated La'Trinda Hustchinson from St. Louis for winning a trip to LA to visit the set of Real Husbands of Hollywood and meet the Mitchy cast.

But it's not over just yet -- there's still a chance to win big!

Play #Mitch Poker today through the Real Husbands Season 2 finale on Tuesday at 10P/9C and you could win $2,000!


Written by Jordan "YR" Yue


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