50 Shades of Brown Episode 3 Recap

50 Shades of Brown Episode 3 Recap

Kevin Hart is trying to bag LeToya Luckett these days and get his money right.

Published October 26, 2016

  1. A Trina and Kevin Hart Moment
    (Photo: Jessica Brooks/BET)

    Kevin Hart needs Trina's help recovering his money after some fraudulent activity occurs with his account, but it seems Trina is more interested in helping out her girl LeToya Luckett. Kevin soon finds out that Trina has other clients besides him.

  2. The Guys Recap Everything!
    (Photo: Tyler Golden/BET)

    The guys come together for one of their bro sessions and discuss who will make a better James Bond.

  3. Kevin Is Looking for The Perfect Shade of Eye Shadow
    (Photo: Jessica Brooks/BET)

    Kevin hits the makeup counter with the goal of finding the right shade of eyeshadow and his way to LeToya Luckett's heart. He ends up buying up everything. 

  4. Boris Has Bragging Rights!
    (Photo: Patrick McElhenney/BET)

    Boris Kodjoe may be the one to fill the Black James Bond role that we've been waiting for. He seems to think he killed his audition, but his boys are indifferent. 

  5. Kevin's Wingmen Though...
    (Photo: Jessica Brooks/BET)

    Kevin Hart is on his macking game and his guys watch as he attempts to bag LeToya Luckett at the makeup counter. However, it doesn't appear that his guys really have his back on this one. They are just there to laugh at him. 

  6. Kevin Has His Work Cut Out For Him!
    (Photo: Patrick McElhenney/BET)

    Kevin finds out that those he thought he could trust are betraying him, including the woman he's dating. 

  7. Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures
    (Photo: Tyler Golden/BET)

    Kevin may be losing it over his love for LeToya Luckett. She stopped by his place only to find him half-naked. Lawd have mercy, what love will do to you! 

  8. Trina Is Trying to Help Kevin Reason
    (Photo: Jessica Brooks/BET)

    Trina is trying to help Kevin Hart reason with everything that is going on, but this appears to be a rather difficult time for Kevin. 

  9. When Chicken Wings Are The Answer!
    (Photo: Tyler Golden/BET)

    There are a lot of things we can't solve, but chicken wings will always be the answer. Kevin seems to to think so. He's trying to find his way to LeToya's heart through the power of chicken. However, Latoya doesn't want chicken she just want to use Kevin to experiment with her new makeup line. Kudos to Kevin! 

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