Baaack to School Episode 2 Recap

Baaack to School Episode 2 Recap

Baaack to School Episode 2 Recap

Kevin enrolled in the 9th grade and Tosha wants a homecoming date.

PUBLISHED ON : OCTOBER 19, 2016 / 01:00 PM

  1. Aww, Kevin Can't Spell GED
    Real Husbands of Hollywood, ep 506 (Photo: Patrick McElhenney/BET)
    (Photo: Patrick McElhenney/BET)

    Kevin has a sitdown talk with Trina and confesses that he never graduated from college. Infact he didn't graduate from high school and doesn't even know how to spell GED. Unfortunatlely, his team won't let him live this one down. 

  2. Tosha Wants Her Man

    Tosha and Kevin may not look the same anymore, but Tosha still wants her man back. 

  3. Tosha Wants A Homecoming Date!

    Tosha won't be going to homecoming dateless this year! She wants to take Kevin with her by any means necessary, but Kevin isn't all that into her. 

  4. Tosha Has A Gang

    Tosha doesn't play when it comes to her lunchroom. She expects Kevin Hart to fall in line. But she's particularly on Kevin's case because she wants him to date her. 

  5. Getting The Ladies With His Goat

    Meanwhile, Kevin is trying to talk to his high school sweetheart, Danielle Nicolet. She's a teacher now and he's a student, so things are a bit weird. 

  6. Kevin's The Popular Kid

    Kevin Hart earns the spot as the most popular kid in the 9th grade. He seems to be fitting right in the mix height-wise, at least. 

  7. Speech! Speech! Speech!

    During homecoming, Kevin Hart makes a speech in front of his freshman class. His date, Danielle Nicolet, is there to support him. 

  8. Kevin Hart Has The Perfect Date

    Everyone's enjoying their evening at homecoming. Especially Kevin, who has the woman of his dreams right by his side. 

  9. Tosha Don't Play!

    Tosha isn't playing around. She used her strong arm to to take revenge against Kevin Hart by cutting the head off Kevin's goat. 

  10. Tosha Scares Everyone

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