Hart in the Hood

Hart in the Hood

Hart in the Hood

Kevin Hart is traveling back to the hood to just try to find his funny.

Published November 23, 2016

  1. Kevin Hart's Jokes Get The Red Light

    Kevin went back to the drawing board on his jokes after not getting the reaction he expected from his audience. 

  2. Kevin Hart Goes Back To His Roots
    (Photo: Tyler Golden/BET)

    Kevin Hart figured that when he lived in the hood he was the funniest, so he took a trip back in an attempt to reconnect with his roots.

  3. Jackie Came Just To Support Kevin's Funny Business

    Unfortunately, no one laughed at Kevin's performance. Everyone was totally over it. 

  4. Jackie Is Trying to Help A Brother Out
    (Photo: Tyler Golden/BET)

    Kevin got his first introduction to Thug Butta, aka Tyga, but they thought he was just trying to intrude on them.

  5. Tyga and Kevin Do Hood Rat Things
    (Photo: Tyler Golden/BET)

    Tyga had his hand on his trigga finger, but Kevin is a softie on the low and didn't come with his choppa. 

  6. Kevin Hart isn't Getting A Warm Welcome

    The guys all had one another's backs when times are hard.

  7. Faizon Love

    Fazion Love came through to the comedy club to save the day after no one was here to laugh at Kevin Hart.

  8. Its Not A Joke Anymore
    (Photo: Tyler Golden/BET)

    Did Kevin Hart put himself into more harm by trying to find his funny in the hood? We'll never know. 

Written by BET Staff


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