Kevin and Nick Are Wack – Episode 5 Recap

Kevin and Nick Are Wack – Episode 5 Recap

Kevin and Nick Are Wack – Episode 5 Recap

Watch out Kanye, Kevin Hart is coming through with the raps.

Published November 9, 2016

  1. Now Introducing The Chocolate Droppa
    (Photo: Tyler Golden/BET)

    Kevin Hart thinks he has found his calling in life when he decides to start rapping — but things don't go so well. 

  2. Bridgette Attempts To Outsmart Her Spouse
    (Photo: Mitchell Haddad/BET)

    Bridgette and Jackie Long play like they're a couple just to get a couple of coins, but it doesn't seem like it's working out for them.

  3. Problem and Bad Lucc Were There to Judge

    Rappers Problem and Bad Lucc challenged Kevin to a rap contest. Apparently Kevin didn't realize who he was up against when he said yes. 

  4. Nick and Kevin take the mic

    Kevin is at a loss for words and ends up losing his car and his pride all in one night. 

  5. Kevin Thinks He's Cool

    We're all super happy that Kevin isn't throwing in the towel on his acting career quite yet. 

  6. This Couple May Be Losing It
    (Photo: Mitchell Haddad/BET)

    Jackie Long and Bridgette attempt to make a fake relationship work for some coins. 

  7. These Two Rap AT tHE pOOL pARTY
    (Photo: Tyler Golden/BET)

    Kevin and Jackie take on a smaller poolside stage where they strive. Everyone is super engaged with their performance and joins in singing and dancing along with them.

  8. Bro Time
    (Photo: Tyler Golden/BET)

    The guys gather around to have a real talk with Kevin about his plans to make it big as a rapper. 

Written by BET Staff

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