Where Did These Childhood Characters End Up?

Where Did These Childhood Characters End Up?

Where Did These Childhood Characters End Up?

Kevin is probably wondering where these childhood stars ended up as well.

Published September 30, 2016

  1. Hey Arnold

    Hey Arnold was a childhood favorite for so many of us. We used to live vicariously through the life of these kids who seemed to go through all of life's growing pains on one city block. But where did the voice behind Arnold, aka Lane Toran, end up? Well now he's working on Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie, slated to come out in 2017. 

  2. Spongebob

    SpongeBob SquarePants was the most ridiculous cartoon ever. We're still wondering why our parents allowed us to binge watch this one. But hold up, where did SpongeBob (aka Tom Kenny) go? We last heard from him in the SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water back in 2015. Since then he's been pretty quiet. 

  3. The Wild Thornberrys

    Remember following The Wild Thornberrys around on their crazy adventures. Well don't front like you're not curious. What has Eliza Thornberry aka Lacey Nicole Chabert been up to? Last year we heard from her when she played in The Lost Tree and All of My Heart. Talk about a come up. 

  4. Recess

    We all secretly had #goals of being just as bad as the kids on Recess. One of our favorite characters on the show was the ringleader Ashley Spanelli aka Pamela Adlon. Unfortunately, we haven't heard much from her since her days in this childhood staple.  

  5. Little Bill

    Aww, Llittle Bill was the cutest cartoon ever! The cartoon did a great job of depicting the life of an African-American child growing up in the city. Little Bill's role was played by Xavier Pritchett, who we haven't heard much from since the show ended. 

  6. Fillmore
    (Photo: Disney Channel)

    Remember growing up and watching Fillmore? The central theme in the show may have been a bit too much for us all to grasp, but weren't these investigative kids the coolest? Fillmore aka Orlando Brown was our favorite, but last we checked he wasn't doing so good. He was arrested back in January for allegedly assaulting someone. 

  7. Gullah Gullah Island

    Following the success of the Gullah Gullah Island on Nick, the power couple Ron and Natalie Daise used the momentum of their success and leveraged their own brands. Natalie is now a creative catalyst. As noted on her site, for more than 20 years, she has developed and facilitated interactive learning experiences for educators, students and audiences in schools, universities, conferences and other venues, both nationally and regionally. Meanwhile Ron is a successful singer, songwriter, writer and performer. 

  8. Rugrats

    Rugrats may or may not have caused us to never want to babysit. Angelica Pickles aka Cheryl Chase was the central antagonist of the series. She played the annoying older cousin of Tommy and Dil Pickles. It looks like Chase is doing pretty good these days and has her own site where she promotes her voice-over work. 

  9. Lizzie McGuire

    We lived vicariously through Lizzie McGuire and her friends during high school and rode the ups and downs of life right along with her. But what is Hilary Duff up to now? Well she's a mother now and is gearing up for the Season 3 premiere of Younger

  10. Dora The Explorer

    We all got caught up up in Dora the Explorer's world right along with her. But who's the real life Dora the Explorer? She's Caitlin Sanchez. Caitlin was born on the January 17, 1996, in Englewood, New Jersey. She is a self-taught musician and loves to play jazz piano. Unfortunately, these days she's dealing with a legal settlement with Nickelodeon.

Written by BET Staff

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