10 Reasons Method Man Is Our #MCE

10 Reasons Method Man Is Our #MCE

A man of many features, we love to love Method Man. Catch him on the all new series "Rebel" on Tuesday March 28 at 10P/9C!

PUBLISHED ON : MARCH 23, 2017 / 04:45 PM

  1. flow

    You can't mention Method Man without talking about the mans flow. *drool* 

  2. Swagger

    We mean, just look at him. 

  3. He's blunt

    He's not afraid to say what's on his mind to anyone anywhere.

  4. We've seen him in plenty of movies. The man is a serious jokester.

  5. Healthy

    Day 5.... Healthy Mef

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    He's also a juice man? What can possibly be more attractive than a man that cares about his well-being? 

  6. Talented

    He can act AND rap. 

  7. That Voice

    *insert smirk emoji*

  8. Smile

    Behind all that toughness, there's a smiling man. 

  9. legendary

    As a member of the Wu, the man is undeniably a hip-hop legend. 

  10. Ride or die

    Last but not least, we love that he loves hard. Don't miss Method Man in the all-new series of Rebel on Tuesday, March 28 at 10P/9C! Only on BET. 

Written by BET Staff


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