Look: Bobby V Finally Finds Love

Look: Bobby V May Have Actually Found Love

Look: Bobby V Finally Finds Love

Bobby V's art imitates life.

PUBLISHED ON : OCTOBER 6, 2016 / 02:44 PM

Bobby V stars in the BET premiere of the film Hollywood Hearts where, much like real life, he must choose between the messy entertainment life or real love. Written, directed and and executive produced by visionary Tangie B. Moore of Tier 2 Films, the movie explores Bobby V's character as he fights temptation to ultimately find real love. Will it all work out for Bobby V?

You'll have to tune in on Saturday, October 8 at 8P/7C to find out. In the meantime, take a look at a few of our favorite love songs from the singer below.

  1. "My Angel"

    Aww. Remember this?

  2. "Slow Down"

    Bobby V circa 2005 BT (before Trey Songz).

  3. "Tell Me"

    Love & Hip Hop. Did you see Erica Mena?

  4. "Turn the Page"

    This video gives us all the feels.

  5. "Give Me a Chance"

    ...because Luda.

  6. "Mirror"

    FYI, Bobby V's the king of tastefully sexy songs.

  7. "Unbelievable"

    Now this is smooth.

  8. "Back to Love"

    We forgot about this. Bobby V has hits. 

Written by BET Staff


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