"Icarus" Episode 306

"Icarus" Episode 306

Olivia gets close to finding out the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death and she’ll do anything to discover the truth, even if that means burning bridges.

Published November 19, 2013

Olivia Pope will visit the White House tomorrow to question President Fitz regarding a plane that crashed and killed hundreds of people, including her mother. Pope, who was about twelve-years-old at the time of her mother’s death wants answers and insight into the tragic incident.

According to the D.C. news, President Fitz has not given Pope any answers as to his involvement with the deliberate aircraft crash, better known as Remington. The president went on record to say that “he did not know what [Pope] was referring to at all.” Pope, however, did not believe the Commander-in-Chief and has decided to take matters into her own hands – doing some independent research.

As of now, Pope has deployed her team of Gladiators to investigate every inch of D.C.; this includes raiding the White House. What extreme lengths will Pope go to next in order to solve this very personal case?

Tune-in Wednesday, November 20, 2013 to ScandalBET at 9P/8C to find out!

Written by Naiquan Greene


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