"Vermont Is for Lovers, Too" Episode 308

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"Vermont Is for Lovers, Too" Episode 308

Olivia Pope's closer than ever to uncovering the truth and location of her estranged mother, despite the obstacle that her dad, B613 leader Rowan, has placed in her way. Will Liv meet momma Pope?

Published December 2, 2013

Olivia’s close to finding her mom, who she hopes will make it to dinner for the holiday.

Amid warding off President Fitz and tackling the difficulty of making Congresswoman Marcus look like the next candidate for the highest office in the land, Liv’s hoping her soul/mom searching has paid off!

Liv began the search for her mom a few weeks ago, but didn’t strike any luck. Now that President Fitz is out of her hair -- sort of --  she has more time to focus on finding her mom. Liv has sifted through every record that connects her mom to Operation Remington and now she know she’s closer than ever to uncovering the truth and finally meeting momma Pope.

Liv and her ‘Gladiators’ are taking on the biggest mission of their careers! Will momma Pope be able to make it to dinner this holiday? Wednesday on ScandalBET at 9P/8C only on BET

Written by Naiquan Greene


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