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Sessions is a 6-episode mini-documentary series that puts new unsigned artists on the map! You’ll get to see the projects that they are working on, the places, stories and experiences that inspire their work. Each episode will be between 5 and 7 minutes in length and consist of a studio session, sit down interview and footage of the artist in a natural setting like a radio station visit or club performance.

Published June 5, 2015

The artists featured in Sessions all have one thing in common: they stay plugged in to social media. So we defintely suggest making them all a regular in your timeline. It's a great way to keep following (see what we did there!) their journey after the episode ends.

Below you'll find links to the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts of all artists from season one of Sessions:

Feli Fame                                                                                                            

Don't worry all the latest links to his music can be found on Facebook:Feli Fame.               

He hits us with clever punch lines on his Twitter:@FeliFame.  

Find out where his next turn up will take place on his Instagram:@FeliFame


He certainly seems to enjoy cartoons, you'll learn this and more on his Facebook:Hi-Rez

You'll find him ranting about basketball one moment and sharing personal epiphanies the next on his Twitter:@HiRezTheRapper

He puts his mean selfie game and sense of style on display on his Instagram:@HiRezTheRapper.      

You can find him playing around on his Snapchat:@imhirez.   

Emilio Rojas

Get the unedited version of his life on his Facebook:Emilio Rojas

He hits us with some serious knowledge on his Twitter:@emiliorojas.                     

He lets you see what studio life is really like on his Instagram:@emiliorojas.      

Jitta On The Track

Peep some of his music taste here on his Facebook:Jitta On The Track

Get in on the unrehearsed part of his life on his Twitter:@JittaOnTheTrack

He lets us get all up in his business, with exposure to his life behind the scenes on tour with his Instagram:@JittaOnTheTrack

Catch him in action on Snapchat:Jitta55.  

Audrey Rose

Stay on top of her latest projects as she shares them on Facebook:Audrey Rose

She's quite the girl about town and you can find out why we're callig her that on her Twitter:@AudreyRMusic

We're just a little envious of her photo shoot worthy life,check it out on her Instagram:@IAmAudreyRose

Chris Rivers

FInd out who he's collaborating with and his latest projects on his Facebook:Chris Rivers.

He's dropping bars over his father's beats, and you can listen to them first on his Twitter:@OnlyChrisRivers.

Find clips and backstage concert scenes on his Instagram: @DragonsandRivers

Written by BET-Staff


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