Girlboss | These 2 Women Are Total Bossbabes And Killin' It

Girlboss | These 2 Women Are Total Bossbabes And Killin' It

Girlboss highlights women who have successfully stepped into the limelight and out of the shadows of their famous male counterparts.

Published February 23, 2018

What does it mean to be a #Girlboss? Girlbosses are women that are fearless, resilient, own businesses and don't apologize for their success. We got the chance to interview two girlbosses that are killin' it in the fashion and beauty industry. These women have successfully entered into the limelight and out of the shadows of their more famous male counterparts. These women embody the phrase girlboss, and we're here for it!

  1. Alexis Skyy
    • Owner of Koko Mi' Mommy 
    • Connected to: Fetty Wap (Ex-boyfriend & Baby Father)

    Interviewer: As an independent girlboss, what’s the most difficult thing about being linked to your more famous male counterpart?

    Alexis:  I feel like it’s difficult because we don’t get credit for things that we do. Everybody thinks it’s through the male person that we were dating. And they don't know the struggle behind everything or the time that we took to do this or the time that we took to plan that. So I think that’s the hardest part about starting a business and you’re dating somebody in the industry… they think, ‘Oh, he did all of that for her or he bought that for her.’ They don’t really know, so that’s probably one of the hardest things.

    Interviewer: You recently started a new skin care line, Koko Mi’ Mommy. Tell us about the inspiration behind your new line.

    Alexis: Well, I actually had a previous brand, and somebody hacked into my account. They took all of my money from my PayPal and then the website got hacked. At that point I just lost hope with my brand and that was my brand on TV. I had a lash line, I had shades and stuff like that. So I just lost hope. Previous to that I owned a spa and I’ve always been into skin for years and into aesthetics, so I was like, OK, I’m pregnant. With me being pregnant I was like, I have to think of something to make money, so I was like, why don’t I come out with a cocoa butter that prevents stretch marks. I’m very into my body and stuff and I do not want to get any stretch marks whatsoever. So I created an organic skin line, and since I already have the spa I was like, well I might as well come out with a face wash and a face toner. I just created a whole line, so I called it Koko Mi’ Mommy. Koko Mi’ & Mommy, [so] it’s like for you and your kids. The kids can use the products as well because everything is organic and chemical free. [So] I did that and now I just kind of turned into a whole skin thing. I have robes, headwraps and now I’m coming out with a men’s line, Koko Mi’ Men. I’m going to do boxers, a face wash for guys. I’m also going to wholesale to all the barbershops, guys that have razor bumps and I’m doing hair oils.

    Interviewer: What makes your line of products stand out versus your competition?

    Alexis: Well my stuff is 100-percent organic and all the scrubs are handmade by me. I’ve always been into skin care. Just growing up I’ve always wanted to create my own skin stuff and I always thought I was like a little chemist when I was younger. It’s all about research. I make sure I Google, look at the benefits, the effects and all that type of stuff.

    Interviewer: You’re very popular on social media, but platforms like Instagram allow random people to freely comment on your posts. How do you deal with the negativity on Instagram and the internet trolls?

    Alexis: I don’t. I just don’t. I used to sit there and read those comments. The stuff people tell me: “go die,” “do this,” and with me having my child, they say evil things about my baby, about me being a mother… So at this point I don’t even care what you say because whether you do good or you do bad, they’re going to say something about me. I could post something positive and somebody is going to come up on my picture and say negative about what I posted. So at this point, why even feed in? Why even give them what they want? They feed off of that negative energy. You’re feeding your haters. I feel like I keep my fan base because no matter what anybody says to me, they throw stones at me and I still stand. I don’t break down, I just sit there like, “Oh, OK.” You just have to have a strong backbone being in the limelight.

    Interviewer: How has being a new mother changed your goals in life?

    Alexis: Well I always wanted to have a business, but I was all over the place. Me running a business, and with my lifestyle that I had before... Like chasing behind my relationship, doing my hostings, just not having the time to do the things that were important. Me getting pregnant slowed me down, it opened like a whole new chapter in my life. I started seeing things clearer, I actually focused and I took things more serious. I’m bringing a child into this life so I know I can’t play games or be selfish anymore. It’s not about me, I couldn’t mess up and be like, “Oh OK, well, I’ll figure it out.” I can’t f*ck up now because I have to take care of my daughter for the rest of my life. With or without her father, I have to provide for her. It was time to get serious, it made me more of a woman. Certain things I used to do I just don’t do anymore and I just won’t tolerate a lot of things. She’s first, then my business, because that’s my bread and butter, so yeah.

    Interviewer: Your previous relationship was very public. Is there anything you regret posting online?

    Alexis: Everything. I regret posting him, I regret posting our relationship, I regret posting it all. That’s one regret I have, and why I say that is because... it was a platform for me, dating the person that I was dating. It brought more attention to me, but I also had my own name before this person. I was a dancer. I don’t really tell people that but I was Alexis before any of this relationship stuff. I turned that and made a bigger platform and left that life alone. I just feel like if I would have never put our relationship out there, a lot of things would be different. You have to pick and choose who you deal with in life, and that’s it. This is a lesson learned and I closed that chapter in my life. My daughter changed me and I just won’t settle for certain things anymore. I have to protect her. The stuff that I went through I will never let her go through the same stuff or the men that I dealt with, I won’t let her deal with that. Or think it’s OK to be treated the way I was treated.

    Interviewer: If you could (@) your haters, what would you say?

    Alexis: They have to watch this glow-up through Instagram.

    Make sure to follow Alexis Skyy on Instagram here. Also make sure to check out the official Koko Mi' Mommy website here and Instagram account right here!

  2. Asia Irving
    • Owner of 90s x Purpose
    • Connected to: Kyrie Irving (Younger Brother)

    Interviewer: As an independent girlboss, what’s the most difficult thing about being linked to your more famous male counterpart?

    Asia: This journey has allowed me to create into my own individuality and platform despite being linked to my brother’s platform. I am extremely grateful for that. There have been challenges, but I have embraced those and figured out how to develop my brand as an entrepreneur.

    Interviewer: You’re new clothing line is called 90s x Purpose. Tells us about the inspiration behind that, and what makes your clothing stand out versus the competition?

    Asia: The inspiration for my line, 90s x Purpose, was drawn from reminiscing about '90s cartoons and the importance of what those shows meant for us as children who grown up in the '90s. It was more than just cartoons as we identified with so many '90s cartoon characters. Our line is the game changer of those '90s-cartoon inspired lines, because ours features a “street style” design with purposeful meanings.

    Interviewer: You are very popular on social media, but platforms like Instagram allow random people to freely comment on your posts. How do you deal with the negativity on Instagram and the internet trolls?

    Asia: It’s nothing the block button can’t fix. It’s a waste of energy to entertain negativity.

    Interviewer: Having a famous brother may make the average person want to live off of them. What keeps you so motivated and independent?

    Asia: The development of self has truly inspired me to be independent and continue to work hard and stay motivated. As you develop yourself more, you start to expect more from yourself, which is where the motivation comes. I have learned that failing is OK, but it’s the way that you pick yourself up that makes the difference.

    Interviewer: What has been your most rewarding moment as far as starting your business?

    Asia: The most rewarding thing about starting my business is getting great feedback with my line. I take great pride in my line, so it makes me extremely happy to hear others speak about it. 

    Interviewer: What are a few misconceptions people have about you that you don’t agree with and want to put to rest?

    Asia: There are a few misconceptions that I only style my brother. As I am developing my role as a designer, I am still working on my craft as a men’s wardrobe stylist. 

    Interviewer: What were your career goals before you garnered fame?

    Asia: I hate to call it “fame,” because I still don’t consider myself “famous.” Before a huge social media following, I wanted to be an accountant. I graduated with an accounting degree from Temple University, but decided to pursue a career in fashion. Social media provides wide visibility to showcase my brands and reach such a broad audience. 

    Make sure to catch up with Asia by following her Instagram here. Also check out her official 90s x Purpose website here and the Instagram account here!

Written by Essie Michelle


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