#YourFaveCouldNever: Never Forget These Shady Clapbacks That Left Us in Shambles

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#YourFaveCouldNever: Never Forget These Shady Clapbacks That Left Us in Shambles

Clapbacks are a way of life, a method of shade that is unnecessarily necessary. Here are some of the best of the best!

Published January 22, 2018

  1. We Did Not Send For You Stacey...

    There was a time when Stacey Dash was once a relevant "icon," if you wil,l in the Black community. But those times have passed and your black card is in need of a renewal, renovation and rehabilitation sis.

  2. When Haters Think They Can Tell You When and When Not To Talk About Your Man

    Single IG and Twitter was up and in arms when they heard Cardi mentioning Offset's name on her recent tracks. In the words of 3LW, "haters gon' hate."

    So without further ado, Cardi will let you know not one, but two times that her man is hers and hers alone. Please turn your eyes to the below.

    Just to make sure it's 100% clear.

  3. When Queen Oprah, Herself, Dismisses You From a Public Platform

    There are no words for when Oprah has to hop on IG and jump in the comments to let you know you wrong. No words at all.

    Oprah out here living her best life ๐Ÿ˜‚ #ClapbackSeason

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  4. When Yo Baby Daddy Issa Lie

    Baby mama and baby daddy drama is never-ending; this is the type of drama has been running rampant in the community for centuries. But now it's gone from word of mouth to Twitter, and we finally have front row seats to all the crazy.

    Well today should be interesting ๐Ÿ‘€

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  5. Kanye Has Perfected the Art of Invalidating Someone's Answers

    Tihs infamous Kanye blow up with him and Sway always needs to have a place on everyone's clapback list.

  6. Classy Clapbacks With Cassie

    Have a little class and get like Cass.

    #Cassie vs Fan #ClapBackSeason #ClassyClapBack

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  7. RiRi Doesn't Have Any F*cks To Give

    No one is more fierce than RiRi; her ability to slay your life with only a few short sentences is brutal. Even her "lol" can be piercing. But when you try to compete with her in the makeup department, you may just want to relax and take a backseat.ย 

  8. "Define That" (Blank Stare)

    When two quick-witted people go back and forth, the results can be truly amazing or hilarious.

  9. Hop Off!

    Rihanna #FTW!

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